Friday, January 12, 2007

Introducing: Me!

So, um, hi.

I really should have just foregone any ridiculous "welcome to my world" post. I'm quite sure no one cares that my favourite colour is red or that I generally hate wearing socks.

But, all the same, it feels a little strange to just hop right into my musings without some sort of semblance of an introduction.
Kind of like those telemarketers who refer to you by your first name or people who you've just met who require an enormous hug when you say goodbye.
So bear with me in my awkward greeting!

Anyways.... why am I here?
I think maybe people may have encouraged me to get a blog to spare them from needing to actually pay attention to my silly observations and running commentary in face to face interactions.
And I am apparently egotistical and self-indulgent enough to assume that you anonymous faces in internet land are interested in my musings!

Really, though, I think it's because I miss writing. Real writing. Not this academia related shite that I do most days.

Everytime I return to my hometown and run into my old writing teacher, she always looks a little crushed when I answer that, no, I'm not writing anymore. And that gets me into thinking why I don't write for my own pleasure anymore. The easy (and defensive!) answer is that I don't have the time anymore. I'm sure that's only a portion of it. It may be an avoidance of self-reflection or being too caught up in writing solely for practical purposes. I'm not really sure.

So that's my introduction! Welcome to my blogtastic world!

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eric313 said...

Cool. I'm your first responder, ever. Mwaaahh!

I can see it worked for you; some months you have more posts than days that month. Many times. You are outstanding, really. And dedicated to hard work. Each post says that.

I'm really not trying to flatter you at all. Just the truth, or tonight I wouldn't be back here reading. I am a voracious reader, but it has to be interesting.

There are a few out there that are this good, of course my old prof as you noted with a smile before, but also, Toast has interesting posts, Trevor's stories are phenomenal sometimes, Benjibopper works hard and ambitiously, my friend Singleton is unbelievable with her stories and expressive poetry and art. Even Crashy is awesome, she has spirit and reminds me of when I used to teach English as a second language labs at the community college. I don't want to sound patronizing at all, because she's what I wished my students would become, a lover of all things English who really tries at what she does all the time. And so many more people.

This was the best thing possible for my writing. I can see it was for you too.

Clink! To great writing. To friends. To the world at large right in our links section.

Good night, and btw, the animal bad asses is also excellent. I too like number three and would hire him in a sec!