Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Walking in Memphis- Day 5

I wake up, hungover, with only 4 hours sleep, and I want to die. But then I remember that Elvis is near.

N. and I stumble out of bed, manage to pack, drink pseudo-lattes from some cappucino machine in the lobby, and jet off with the guys to the airport, where we check in our luggage. Then it's off to Graceland...
We are so enthusiastic that we get there before opening, so we waste sometime in one of the many many Elvis giftshops. I spend the rest of my conference money on Elvis memoribilia (not all for me!), including this hot little number.

Elvis lipstick?! Come on... it's genius!
I am sad to say that I chose not to purchase the Elvis hot chocolate.

The guys decide that $25 was too much to pay for a tour of Graceland. N. and I vehemently disagree, so we went on an hour tour of the house and some of the grounds.

Elvis had some seriously tacky taste in decorating.

Hence the stained glass peacocks...

the serious 70s furnishings

the green shag carpet...

... on the ceiling!

and the wall decorated with fabric, rather than wallpaper

Seriously, though, Elvis is a really fascinating guy. I would really like to read a quality biography about him. I want to know how the drugs started. I want to know how the same shy guy who seemed to be taken over by the music became the gaudy Las Vegas showman. I'm actually a little sad about Las Vegas Elvis. He seems like such a farce.

While we leave Graceland, the wind blows some large chunk of something pokey into my eye, which gets lodged there for several hours. I get to the airport with one eye closed, and look like an utter fool dunking my face into a glass of water in the washroom in an attempt to get it out. I have to wait in the security line-up, wincing, because apparently eye drops are not allowed through security. As if four hours of sleep and a night of drinking weren't enough to make a girl looks awful... a watery twitchy make-up smeared eye always helps!

We fly to Detroit. I have the worst revelation of the day, when, thinking about how badly I want to be in my own bed, I realize I am on a three hour layover in Detroit. We fly to Seattle. I try to read coursework, but end up sleeping a lot, something I usually can't do on planes. We get to Seattle, and then drive back to Vancouver. I've been travelling for over 12 hours and I am very very happy to see my bed.


Ant said...


But somehow I don't imagine Graceland being anything else...

Yeah, I think I'd like to know about the earlier Elvis...

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I hink you should both read "Last Train to Memphis" by Peter Guralnick.

It covers his earliest years, and it is an interesting read.

LMizzle said...

OH MAN! SHAG ON THE CEILING?! That photo basically made my day.

I also love the Elvis lipstick!!!

And the glass peacocks! Oh man!

Princess Pointful said...

I love how passionate you all are about the all encompassing tackyness, too.
No one seemed to get my Elvis t-shirt in person, though.

eric1313 said...

Sweet post!

Did you see the Cadilac collection? That part might be closed to the public, but at one time, there were seven or more Cadilacs at Graceland. Including the infamous pink Cadilac.

He bought them all for his mother!

btw--when i clicked enter on that poem, I was a little worried you might take it personally or get offended, or it would be some other form of detrimental/ Glad it wasn't.

When Inspiration hits, I love to throw down lines. It's the best practice possible. Actually, all of you on blogger, especialy this circle of bloggers, have been so cool about giant responses and poems and other stuff. But it's all served to make me so much better than I was.

Thanks. It means a lot. At no other time have I ever been satisfied (gasp) with my writing. Even now, I'm not truly satisfied--that's what I tell myself so as to not stop trying to get better--but damn if I'm not close to what I always thought I culd be back when I was a young dreamer.

Again, thank you.

eric1313 said...

Everything was cool and I'm glad. I also was concerned and didn't want your boyfriend getting miffed at you or I about it.

Glad that wasn't the case. Besides--a little poem or something, a kind word or thought from one of us, adds to the mystique of you. That's rarely a bad thing for a lady, ehh?

Take care! I've been though all my blogs again for the first time in a month, so I might do some leisure reading.

See you in February!

Yes, your stories, rants and observations are that entertaining and smart.