Sunday, January 14, 2007

You have incurred my wrath, Sun Gong take out!

Crunchy burnt ginger beef is one thing.

Complete omittance of fortune cookies is, however, a travesty.

I'm going to sleep with no guidance on future decisions thanks to you.


LMizzle said...

I once got a fortune cookie that said, "speak Chinese, Chinese man."

I am not a man NOR am I Chinese! Pfft! Did you know that both ginger beef and fortune cookies were invented in North America? NOT EVEN IN CHINA!

I don't even really eat meat but I love ginger beef! WHY DID THE CANADIANS HAVE TO GO AND INVENT GINGER BEEF?!?!

Princess Pointful said...

Perhaps the fortune cookie is proposing a sex change? Yikes!

Ginger beef is a strangely addictive substance. A friend once told me about how ginger beef was made, and it is pretty goddamn foul (something about taking the cows behind the curtain in breathing form, and emerging from the curtain as ginger beef- and the friend of a friend worked in between those curtains). But the sauce is oh so tasty! Damn it!