Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Daily Pointful Report

What annoyed me today:

Day 4 of wearing turtlenecks. I've run out of my cute turtlenecks, and have progressed to boring turtlenecks. Soon it will be the enormous floppy turtlenecks that are not usually meant to be seen outside the house.

Shaquille O'Neal- This has no specific relation to today. I just really really hate Shaq. I wince in pain when he shows up on television.

Why do I hate Shaq, you ask? Several reasons....
1) He's overrated and can't shoot free throws worth crap.
2) No one with any intelligence can have a voice like that.
3) Kazaam... come on!!! You should automatically lose all street credibility as soon as you star as a genie in a kid's movie. Only Robin Williams is permitted to do this and remain somewhat cool.
4) The "rap" career. You thought Shaq-Fu was bad?? There is actually a best of Shaquille O'Neal album in existence! Brilliant lyrics of his include:
Who the hell is Shaq Attack? You'd better read the paper
Treat me like Biz Markie you'd better catch a vapor
I've got mad props so why would you exploit
Punch you in your face like that kid from Detroit
Really yo you'd better ask MC Hammer 'bout this bad mama jama
Tall kid with the hoopa hypa lipta-gramma

Hoopa hypa lipta-gramma??? I will ask MC Hammer, because he could school your ass in a rap-off!
5) On his wedding day, he changed his vows to say "For richer or for richer"
6) He made up stories about sleeping with celebrity friends of his, which he later recanted. Dude... you're a basketball player. Do you seriously need to make up sexual exploits? Perhaps those shoes are a little deceptive, hmmmm?

Data entry. Seriously the most boring stuff on the planet.

Whore therapists. I'm reading about therapists who sleep with their patients, and it is seriously appalling stuff. It is usually middle-aged men sleeping with younger women who have experienced past sexual abuse. It fucks up these women to no degree...research shows it to be related to depression, anxiety, substance use, even suicide... the very things they are supposed to be treating! And a bunch of them even charged the clients for the sessions in which they slept together! It utterly blows me away that someone could get into a profession where care is so emphasized with such intentions. I guess some people simply can't handle power.

Though there is a whole another story about the issues about making this such a taboo-- some people argue that we need to get more training on how to recognize any signs early, in order to be able to stop themselves from being slowly dragged into one of these relationships. While I agree that, in a field where attraction is often a part of the relationship, this area needs to be openly discussed, any psychologist who claims they just fell into a sexual relationship with their client is too incompetent, in my books, to be practicing.

What pleased me today:

I'm productive! I've done a whole whack of data entry today!

Listening to my iPod on shuffle while doing said data entry, and being surprised by early Beatles music. You aren't human if I Wanna' Hold your Hand doesn't make you smile.

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