Friday, February 16, 2007

Dream Interpretations 'R Us

I dreamt last night that I accidentally left my apartment door ajar one night when I was not sleeping at home. Someone broke in, but rather than stealing my laptop, DVD player, credit card information or jewelry, they stole my phone. Not even my cordless phone, but my plain old corded phone with no features on it. And they replaced it with a rotary phone for me!


I'm thinking that maybe it's telling me that while I'm scared of opening myself up, I can feel relatively safe doing so.
Thing is, that does not fit with my life at all! I'm not an especially closed person.
So someone better get Freudian on me!

Other morning thoughts...
The snooze button is an evil invention that is destined to reveal me for the lazy person I really am.

No milk = no coffee = not happy princess until she gets her ass to a coffee shop

Two days after Valentine's Day = discount chocolate = chocolate for breakfast (yummy and has caffeine) = happy princess


Ant said...

Mmm, Freudian eh...

You want to have sex with the burglar (because they gave you a nice phone).

Or maybe you want to have sex with the phone?

I'm sure the geezer himself would relate it back to penis envy somehow...

Actually, one of my work-mates wondered out loud today why nobody had applied the theory of Occam's Razor to Freud - i.e. maybe it was just him that was messed up in the head?

LMizzle said...

Perhaps it was a person travelling to the future and they needed to bring back evidence of their quest???

iFreud said...

I have done some dream research... so I can give it a shot, however, I don't know you at all, so it's pretty hard to attach symbolism to your person. Well, have you had any thoughts as to what a phone really means? A connection? An old connection? To whom? To when? This connection is clearly more important to you than the important and salient objects identified in your dream that were not stolen (i.e. computer). The idea that you left the door open, or the opportunity for someone to come in. Who did you want to enter? This could also be about identity. Do you feel yourself changing at all? Maybe something about your life now is resonant of your old life/experiences?

Just some ideas that popped into my head when I read your dream.

Princess Pointful said...

Ant- It just takes a rotary phone to get me in the sack :).
Actually, many a person has applied that theory to Freud. A lot has been theorized about his relationship with his mother! However, it is unfortunate that penis envy and Oedipal complex is all people seem to remember, as actually he had a lot of sound notions (e.g., the unconscious, defense mechanisms) as well!

Lmizzle- Sweet! Time machines are always a good addition!

iFreud- Thanks for stopping by and for your interpretation! Perhaps an important point about this whole thing is that the phone was one of my first gifts from my ex-boyfriend, which would certainly reflect the connection you speak of. Perhaps I am feeling like our connection is disappearing? My boyfriend and I were trying to figure out how he might fit under the category of rotary phone.