Thursday, February 1, 2007

Inhaling someone's CO2

It's kind of creepy, on a cold winter day, to realize that you can see someone else's breath washing over you.


LMizzle said...

This made me shudder at my desk!


What about when you smell a fart and then you realize that you're inhaling something that came from INSIDE someone else?


LMizzle said...

My myspace doesn't work at work, so I am going to give you a message on here! You should join! It's like myspace, only you can find people based on school, or job blah blah. Anyhow, I have been meaning to look you up because I think of it when I'm reading your blog, but then I get all dumb dumb and forget by the time I get home! Grrrr.

Princess Pointful said...

Your first post lead me on a rather unfortunate train of thoughts... which makes sense, considering farts were just the starting point. Blech.

A few people have told me to join facebook... when I get a few spare moments, I will try to put together a profile!

eric1313 said...

Edit this one just right, and it's modern verse that even Joyce Carol Oates would be proud of.

(OK, Impromptu editing session, only about five seconds, really)

It's kind of creepy
--on a cold winter day

to realize
you can see
breath washing over

--kind of creepy,
on a very cold
winter day.