Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just call me Mommy

For someone who prides herself on being an independent woman not hindered by traditional gender roles, I have so much maternal instinct it's sick.

My poor boyfriend is a very very sick puppy. This brings out the need to dote on him. I make him (semi) homemade soup and tea, run him baths, and insist on bringing him all sorts of blankets and rubbing his head as he dozes.

Is this the same reason I find it endearing that he can't cook, because it means I get to cook for him and he thinks I'm lovely for doing so (plus he's really convinced that I'm a much better cook that reality indicates, which is incredibely sweet)?

I'm thinking I should ask for an apron that matches my dishclothes for my next birthday.


Ant said...

On the one hand, the traditional gender roles are slightly nauseating...

On the other, that sounds like a lovely arrangement...


LMizzle said...

Man, he sounded SO sick when I talked to him! Good job on taking such good care of him!

I should find you an apron with your name on it! Sweeeeeeeeet.

Princess Pointful said...

Ant- I'm glad it doesn't sound like lame hyper-femaleness in action!

Lmizzle- Yeah, he has been in pretty rough shape. Step 1 was feeding him something other than salami sandwiches and chicken strips ;).
I would pretty much marry you if you got me that apron. It could have my name at the front and Mrs. Lmizzle embroidered at the back!