Monday, March 12, 2007

Lesson of the day

The Malaysian Orchid Mantis is a master of disguise (even more so than Dana Carvey, believe it or not!)

Crickets are pretty much sitting ducks.
I would be, too, if I were bite sized for a mantis! Who would suspect the pink flower?


The Duke said...

A deadly predator laying in wait on a plant named after vaginas.

There is only one explanation:

God is a sexist turn of the century poet.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Nothing disguises itself like Carvey.

'Oh my god, you're so limber'

Ant said...

Like women - all pink and pretty, but will eat you alive if you get too close...

LMizzle said...

I like orchids, but isn't everyone fooled by a pretty pink flower?

You know all the best animals and marine life!


Beth said...

Ah, beauty is so deceiving - and can be very dangerous...

cinemec said...

what they need is a master of disguise… what they are getting is… Pistachio Disguisey.

Best trailer for years.
Worst film ever!

Princess Pointful said...

Duke- Secondary explanation... you are a sexist turn of the century poet who thinks he's God!
Oh, snap!

Ultra- I bet Dana Carvey could totally hide himself in an orchid!

Ant- Yummmmm.... man flesh.

LMizzle- It's just a matter of lots of TV documentaries, honestly. I was even better back when the discovery channel didn't suck as much. Every day I dream of subscribing to Animal Planet.... *sighs wistfully*

Beth- Yeah, the mantis really is a great metaphor for life, isn't it?

Cinemec- And that is the genius and complexity of Dava Carvey. He's a walking paradox!

eric1313 said...

It seems all has been said, here.

That was an hillarious snap on the boy-o, btw!

Excellent picture, however. That would be a good one just for the header of a blog.