Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My hero!

Somebody just emailed me... and his first name is Macgyver!




Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Watch the fantastic TV movie, featuring The Caves of Exeter.

Exeter is a small town in Devon, where 'The Caves' contain only Beer Cans, and not the key to unlocking the Secret of Atlantis.

Indiana James said...

Now we have no idea what his parents were watching at the time do we? :P That is pretty righteous though. How many people can honestly say they've gotten an e-mail from McGyver?! ... asides from the people he e-mails regularly that is.

John said...

McGyver is SO much better than the A-Team. I mean, the A-Team used to get locked in a shed with a tank...then escape. McGyver got locked in a concrete room with nothing but a paperclip, some random household chemicals and a lightbulb, but still managed to make a fully working Lightsabre. Now THAT'S creativity & genius!

yournamehere said...

Whenever someone mentions MacGuyver I immediately think of Patty and Selma from The Simpson.

yournamehere said...

Okay, that should be "Simpsons". With an 's'.

LMizzle said...

He better have made this email out of a paper clip and some white out, otherwise I won't be impressed. :0)

Dorky Dad said...

So wait ... somebody with the first name of MacGyver e-mailed you? Wow.

Bummer for that guy if his first name is MacGyver. People would have all sorts of high expectations for him. "Hey, MacGyver! Make a bomb for me out of this earwax!"

Princess Pointful said...

Ultra- You mean MacGyver almost found Atlantis?? He is such a god.

James- That email was truly one of my highlights of the year. I should look up the years in which Macgyver was actually on to see if it is a plausible inspiration for the parents of a younger undergraduate.

John- No doubt! Not to mention that there was, what, four members of the A-Team? Anyone should be able to escape from any situation when there's four of you, particularly when one is Mr. T! I admire MacGyver's creativity. And his flowing mullet.

Yournamehere- As do I. Did you ever see that episode when they actually kidnapped him?

LMizzle- Or, at the very least, typed it with his left baby toe while hanging upside down above a bit of angry wolverines.

Dorky Dad- How could anyone ever live up to those expectations??

eric1313 said...

Nothing like a guy who can build a bomb out of a penny, some chewing gum, and a peice of wire.

Retiring for the night. Sweet dreams--of MacGyver if you can! If you aren't already having them as we speak, that is.