Thursday, April 26, 2007

Best search ever (almost)

While it may not be lobster panties (see Dorky Dad for that story), I am pretty damn impressed that the search term "Sexual Maypole Dance" leads to my blog.

Hippies need porn, too!


Dorky Dad said...

Sexual maypole dance. I say again, some people search for the weirdest things. And you KNOW what that guy was looking for.


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


That's some sweet search criteria

Princess Pointful said...

I also just got a search for "love fingers".
Oh dear!

eric1313 said...

There's that May Pole again!


Thanks for your visits up to the butterfly, too. Glad you get us.

That post at Singleton's? She wrote that poem in the cycle of responses caused by my first kiss poem. That was a great night for writing, and you helped kick it off. And you didn't have to do a thing. Just be you. Eight months earlier, at that that.

I'm going to miss your musings when I get through with them.

And by the way, I was perusing my site tonight, because another blogger linked my story from Halowe'en so I was checking up on it, and I found your comments! The one's in November. I felt terrible I had missed the, so I hooked my new gmail address to it so I'll get the messages promptly from now on.

Sorry to hear about the credit card thing. That probably eats at you something awful. I know you are a worrier/stress case, so I feel for you. We're fellows in that department. It'll get straightened out, if it's not already.

And I'm glad you liked the Bukowski poem. He's a lot of fun, that guy. I was a little worried about sending that one through, but then you didn't seem overly concerned. And besides, your kind of a fellow perv so of course it's all good.

Just wanted to say hello to you. You are a great friend to have and your work tonight was awesome. I like how your writing style is evolving, the short paragraphs really help break it down and feed the reader a little bit then a little more, keeps them wanting ever more.

Take it easy, and of course, the obligations will be worth it when things are done. Talk to you anytime, OK?

Sweet dreams.