Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Your regularly scheduled update...

I later remembered that my conference related bad dream also involved me sleeping in and nearly missing my ethics oral exams. I hate how much my stress impacts every area of my life- dreams, physically, etc. It's a little pathetic, actually!

However, for those of you keeping track and who helped me out with the data mess, I have good news. My supervisor decided that I could just my conference talk on my MA data, and we'd figure out what was going on with the new data over the summer. That certainly takes a lot off my plate, especially because I will just be able to give my standard MA presentation, which I have done several times now. It also means I don't need to be doing frantic SPSS analyses over the next two weeks, and can focus on the more pressing issues- ethics and moving. *insert big sigh of relief here* On top of that, our clinic is closing for two weeks as of tomorrow, so no clients for a little while either-- though, actually, I find seeing my clients one of the less stressful things in my schedule, though it also depends on who my clients are (it's been anything but low stress at other times... but that's all the info I'm providing on that front!)

Good news #2- After waiting on hold and getting constant busy signals, I actually managed to get in contact with a residential tenancy information officer via email. Hopefully he gets back to me in the next few days with a full assessment of my situation and my rights.

Good news #3- Canucks won last night... we just need to win one more game to toss the Stars out!


Indiana James said...

Go Nucks. God knows I have to cheer for one Canadian team and it sure as hell isn't ever going to be the Senators. Much good news all around. Odd about the dreams though living and dreaming the same stuff is all a bit much.

LMizzle said...

You should just poop on your landlord's doorstep.

Ant said...

Hooray for good news! Stress-reducing decisions from those in authority are a joyful thing...

eric1313 said...

Go Canucks! Win it all!

oh... they didn't. My bad.

Sorry--had to say something snarky about last year's playoffs. Better luck next year. But then again, Chelios might be doing a victory skate through GM Place to the wilting tune of twenty-thousand jeering Canadians at about the time of this post next year.

But I am glad your data issues were sorted out. Especially since you are stress squeezing five years off of your life by taking this route. But I have to say, for a relative stranger, I am proud of you.

And thanks for your comment. It came just in time after I finally broke down a little and cried. Michelle (the lovely-lovely) wrote me and I wrote her back about it, and that's when it happened, that the gates opened just a crack, enough to let some of it go.

Take care and I hope you reach your destination with ease. Much love, respect and all that good stuff.

eric1313 said...

Sorry to tease you about your Canucks. My Wings have sucked as bad or worse in the playoffs.

May we meet in the Campbell Conference finals... er... the "western" conference finals...

Anyway, what the hell is Detroit doing in the west, anyway? We used to have such a good rivalry with Toronto. Now, we sometimes go a year without seeing them play!

Maybe one of the superfluous Florida hockey teams should be moved to Moose Jaw or Billings Montana, some place that hockey isn't a curiosity. Yellowknife could use a team, couldn't they? How about Dawson City? They haven't had a team since the legendary Silver Seven days of yore.

I heard Winnipeg might get a new team. The Jets were classic. Phoenix Arifuckingzona did not need a team that bad that they had to move (although, they did sell us Kris Draper for $1 before they went). But have you ever seen how many Wings fans are there in the desert? It always makes me laugh. But then I remember that half of them moved away from this polluted slush pile that I live in. Then it's laughter muted by jealousy. Not jealousy over living in a desert, just over being anywhere but here.

Have a great night, and I hope you can be underway by the morning. I'm exhausted and am due to crash soon. Just wanted to say goodnight and make sure that I didn't razz you too bad about your beloved Canucks.

eric1313 said...

Hey, Princess, just thought I'd tell you that Crushed by Ingsoc has an award for you. It's one post under the current one.

Anyway, I hope you are having fun right now, my friend. Be back by latter to read up on some musings, OK?

Enjoy the holiday break, my friend. I see the next post looks very interesting, but I really should get a post together myself. You might have seen one earlier, but I need to brush it up just a little bit...

Yep, just spreading the love, as always. You knew I wanna do that!

Peace out.

eric1313 said...

Wishin' ya a lot of luck on that flight, Princess!

That comment at Crushed was about a blogger (I could give you her name, but let's not start that) here in Michigan who was super aggressive--I knew her from a writing contest at Wayne State University, and then caught back up with her when blogging. We started talking on the phone, and then she turned into the mind game master, begging to know if I loved her and all kinds of craziness! The open hostility part, well... not open on my blog, just blogs that we both read.

And the "I love you links" thing would be like a shrine or something weird. I just would not want to look like I'm using this medium as my chick picker upper, like a lot of blogger who only comment a womne's blogs, you know?
Anyway, I don't do a good job of not looking like a stalker, either... I saw your comment at Ant's and dropped by to give you support on not talking yourself down...

We're both bad!!!

But we're friends. You are so kind and intelligent and fun to communicate with. And it was nice of you to drop by. No way do I think of you in any negative light.

You rock!

I'll be up for a bit, but soon I must pass out. Again, best of luck. I have a foot and a hlaf of snow here, so I understand. And it's freaking 5 degrees Fahrenheit.


Sweet dreams and all that good stuff.

eric1313 said...

She's never been on your bog, she avoids most female's blogs. Yep, she's a dog...

Most of her hostility came in the form of emails blaming me for destroying "what we could have been"...

So don't worry about being oblivious. She was no more flirty with me than anyone else, well, maybe a little, comments like "you and I write about the same things... like our hearts are alike. Are you playing games with me?" (I could almost imagine a 'Tee Hee' after that last line) That was about as flirty as she got, but no, I wasn't playing games, I'm just being me.

We write what is in our hearts. I have love as well as other issues involving compassion and I'm good at putting myself in other people's shoes and writing empathetically. It just made me wish I hadn't called her and just ignored it. But hey, I'm single and I thought I would talk to her and see what was up. We didn't even meet in person again--I haven't seen her in two years--and she wigged out on me.

I should have known better. I mean, she was aggressively pursuing me. Like a crazy guy would! And with a night and day personality to boot. I gave her the benefit of the doubt at first, thinking maybe she's just moody. Wrong!

You? You're kind, your messages are always welcome. I was glad to see it, actually. This email notification thing really works well! So go ahead and leave notes anywhere, I'll find them.

Thanks for all the words and the long distance good will. You're really a great person behind that cute little South Park avatar.

eric1313 said...

Yep, still not stalking...

Just wanted to say, wasn't that excerpt from 1984 chilling? The character Emanuel Goldstien equates to Trotsky vs Big Brother's Stalin. It's really interesting--Orwell was a prophet, and sadly, not the one you would want to be correct. I mean he's right about so much, such as our almost casual use of war. I'm sure you commented rather interestingly about it. I always read your comments, too. Don;t let that change you! I won't change how I comment either.

I highly recommend reading that novel if you get a chance. It's actually a love story dripping with dystopic political horror. Very good stuff.

Maybe you already have read it.

Anyway, if you like that, you'll also like Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. Both novels paint a dystopic portrait of our future. And also, it's an underlying love story.

You know me!

You might have already read it, too.

Anyway, enough blathering for me tonight. You rest up and have a good flight tomorrow.

I'm wishing you the best of luck.

Talk to you soon.