Friday, May 18, 2007

Random thought

I'm not sure I'll ever understand the science behind bubble bath.


Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

Ant said...

Don't try to understand it, just enjoy it.

Thanks to my undergrad degree, I know how sunsets work. And I feel an innocence lost because of it...

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

It's quite simple:

Baked Beans / 30 minutes = Gas

Gas plus bath equals bubbles.

I love mathematics

Abbey said...

I don't understand the question. You don't understand how bubbles themselves work, or you don't understand the point of bubble baths, or you don't understand why bubble baths work to release tension.

LMizzle said...

I'm with ant, don't try to understand, just enjoy. I just like sitting in the warmth, and the bubbles are like added luxury...except when you have pugs who like to jump in the tub with you...and try to eat the bubbles...

Psycgirl said...

I had never thought about that before, and now its going to bug me!

Jocelyn said...

Honesty, there are some things that science can't explain: elves, flying carpets, and bubble bath.


Dorky Dad said...

I'm not even sure if I understand the point of bubble bath. But my kid does. He loves it.

Crashdummie said...

it's not abt understadning, it's all about feeling ;)


SMARTBuddy said...

Sorry if this makes me the geek, but theres a part explanation at the New Scientist last word page, which seems to be open to all:
See- its all to do with your 2 in 1 head and shoulders!

Princess Pointful said...

Biby- Thanks for coming by!! Always happy to have visitors from the other side of the moon!

Ant- Wow, that is a little heartwrenching, actually.

Ultra- Well, in that case I am very lucky, because my bath smelt like cherry blossoms. Score one for good genetics!

Abbey- The bubbles themselves. I certainly understand the point of bubble baths... to make bubble beards! Is it weird that I do that even when I'm by myself?

Lmizzle- Cuteness! Daisy loves chasing around bubbles and frantically nipping at them.

PsycGirl- Check SmartBuddy's link below if it works on your computer

Jocelyn- yay for magic!!!

Dorky Dad- Bubble bath and climbing random things, hey?

CrashDummie- Amen!! :)

SmartBuddy- Don't even apologize for being a geek on my blog! Don't forget who I am!
However, the link doesn't work on my computer :(. I'll have to try it on another.