Friday, May 25, 2007

Vertigo and other snippets from my week

I have been suffering from vertigo for 4 days now.

Vertigo sounds like a really archaic term... before recently, I would have tied it to something as random as rickets (I am besotted with rickets, by the way. Rubbery bones?? Pretty much the coolest disorder ever!).

However, I was struck by a several hour long bout of dizziness on Tuesday afternoon to the point where I could no longer work. It felt like I was walking on a boat.
Apparently it is just some sort of viral infection in my inner ear that will pass with time... and the only temporary solutions are Gravol, which has the unfortunate effect of almost knocking me out, and Ativan (which I'm sure have great street resale value... maybe I should fill out that prescription, after all).

Being constantly dizzy is a really odd experience. I keep on temporarily forgetting the whole inner ear inflammation thing, and attributing my heavy head to more situational aspects. I keep on thinking I haven't eaten enough (which has had the odd side effect of making me dizzy and ravenous, rather than the typical nausea), and I was briefly perplexed last night why I felt so drunk standing up after two drinks.


I'm currently listening to Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" and I make no apologies for it.


I've picked up a side job working to help with a massive report that is needed for the re-accreditation of our clinical program with the Canadian and American Psychological Associations. For the most part, it has just proven to be a lot of gathering and entering menial details about the program (e.g., what assessment measures are available in the department, how many external speakers have we had in the last five years).

I am also sneakingly adding "u"'s into the titles of American speaker's talks. Welcome to Canada, bitches!

I know, I know, I can see you shaking your head at me already, Ant. I was actually having a hard time with the lack of structure in my summer, as I've just been working on manuscripts and seeing my clients. I actually think a little bit of a forced schedule will make me a lot more productive- plus a little extra cash to help me re-coup from all the new furniture I had to buy last year wouldn't hurt.


Overheard while waiting for the bus to the Arcade Fire show (which, by the way, rocked beyond belief!) last night:

Background: Some poor high school asked a couple of 20-something obnoxious hipster guys if she could borrow their cell phone to call her ride. Bad attempts at harassment and seduction ensued (e.g., how old are you? Do you want to hang out with us? Why not? Who are you calling?).

Obnoxious guy: So, what are you up to tonight?

Girl: I'm just waiting for my ride so I can go home.

Obnoxious guy: You should totally come to the Arcade Fire with us.

Girl: No thanks, I don't like video games.

Ha! Your hipster antics failed to impress the high school girls!


Someone actually added my Lesson of the Day posts to a list of K-12 educational websites. I hope they don't make elementary school kids read my detailed notes on slug sex.


Airam said...

I am also sneakingly adding "u"'s into the titles of American speaker's talks. Welcome to Canada, bitches!

You rock!

iFreud said...

OMG, I laughed my ass off with your Welcome to Canada, bitches! Right on... I love it. I confess, I have given up on the "u" thing... I have been spelling color and behavior the US way, simply because I hate spell check. I am a bad Canadian, undeserving of any Tim Horton's coffee (for today, anwyay).

Try being pregnant. I had freaken vertigo/savage eating for 9 months.