Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tortoise Thursday

I know you have been waited with bated breath...

I'm proud to announce the winner of the Badass of The Galapagos contest: The Giant tortoise!

And yet another fact to seal their badass status- these giant creatures mate for several hours at a time! You know the vampire finch doesn't have that kind of stamina.
And the one in the photo will likely outlive us all. He's laughing on his throne.


Lesson of the day: Even in the coldest part of year, pandas are unable to hibernate because their diet of bamboo is not high enough in fat content.


Secret talent of the week:
I played Dance Factory, the cheapskate's version of Dance Dance Revolution this week.

Knowing my history of clumsiness, you would expect I would be utterly miserable at it.

Strangely enough, I actually wasn't half bad! I managed to pull off some fancy footwork to a little Rihanna and score a B on my first go-round.

Even better was the fact that you could put in your own CDs- and my friend, for some reason, still had a Kris Kross CD. Nothing like busting a move to the original mack daddies.

Although I probably didn't look quite as hot as the woman on the cover... I wasn't about to challenge my new found coordination by trying it in stilletos!


While being a psychotherapist can often be the most intrinsically rewarding aspect of my life, it sometimes feels like a incredibly thankless role.


A man stopped me as I waited for the bus home this evening to tell me that I was beautiful and had made his day. He then told me to tell my husband he had said so (I decided to collude with him on the existence of my husband), and let me get on the bus, with a wave goodbye.
It was so refreshing get a genuine complement like that with no ulterior motives-- I think women get far too used to their beauty being noted primarily as part of a seduction attempt.


Jocelyn said...

Some video of you doing the dancing thing on You Tube would be welcome. For sure.

And, weirdness, I had pretty much the same encounter you describe in your last few paragraphs...but twenty years ago, in Boston.

Beth said...

Sigh. My choice for the Badass lost. But, gotta admit, that tortoise is one ugly, scary looking dude.

As for your happy news items - dance on, beautiful!

Amanda said...

Kriss Kross were those kids who wore their clothes backwards right? They were so funny, other rappers would sing about drugs and all this other hardcore stuff but Kriss Kross would be like, "I missed the bus...uh...I missed the bus." Classic.

Ant said...

Damn tortoise! I think you should now stage a grudge-match between the tortoise and the vampire finch. Not sure how we will enable this, but I'll think of a way.

Your man wasn't being genuine, because I've used a similar variant to that line in the past - the idea is that when you fail to confirm the existence of a husband, he follows up with "a pretty girl like you?!" etc, you get chatting, go for a drink, finish up having sex (I'm such a gentleman that a phone-number would be my prize in that instance. Though still for the purposes of sex further down the road I suppose...) So alas, he still just wanted into your pants

It's still a compliment. In a way.

Indiana James said...

Long live the shell! I think I voted for him... You see, not all men have one tracked minds. Glad to hear that you were on the receiving end of that.

psychgrad said...

I say ignore Ant....Sorry Ant. Complements like that are not usually very common. Sure he wanted to get in your pants...but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't take it as a genuine complement. He genuinely thought you were attractive and, therefore, wanted to get down your pants.

I'm pro grudge match. The finch was robbed. Did you see the blood on his beak?

benjibopper said...

elephants are so heavy that they have to mate in the water, and it can only last for a few seconds. [how's that for a pickup line?]

eric313 said...

I thought what you said about women being tired of their beauty being part of the seduction ritual for men was very poigniant. It is sad that the obvious aspects of our physical natures are what people most often fixate on.

LMizzle said...

Damn! My badass lost! Actually, I choose that wolf mermaid thing instead! AAAAAHHH!

SMARTBuddy said...

Whoooo! Go Giant T! Theres nothing quite like picking a winner.

eric313 said...

Hey, Princess! Hope you had a fine weekend and hope you write soon.

Dorky Dad said...

I've SEEN giant tortoises mating. I've got video of it. They mate for hours because they're so dang SLLOOOWWW. And I don't think the woman was all that thrilled. She seemed like she was trying to hide.

I therefore disagree with your Badass choice. But I don't know what would be the Badass of the Galapagos, so ... maybe you're right.