Monday, July 23, 2007

Howdy y'all!

Just a quick and decidedly uneventful update post!

Yes, I am still in Texas! I leave Austin this upcoming Saturday.

My visit has been filled with stimulating discussions, torrential downpours, mindnumbing statistics, pickled okra, facts about armadillos, cafeteria food, coconut mojitos, girls dancing in windows, searches for caffeine, sleep deprivation, stubbed toes, squirrel searches, debates over communism and evolutionary psychology, tacky Texas memoribilia, eye strain, dollar shots, and romance horror stories, to name a few things...

And, no, the quote of the day is not from me, but rather from a newfound friend from a smaller town put off by the unique brand of Southern hospitality at some drinking establishments.

It is certainly an odd thing to consider myself feeling vaguely at home in such a seemingly random city, though it has been a week and a half now.

Also, contrary to popular expectations, us geeks certainly know how to party! Tonight is only the second night this week that I have not been out at some sort of bar or party-- and both solo nights were only the result of serious resistance to peer pressure. Laundry (the humidity here has caused me to sweat out of pores I didn't know existed!) and catching up on Monday's readings (not done over the weekend- bad Princess!) won out over 80s night tonight, I'm afraid. I'm actually a little disappointed in my practicality- the potential for some Bangles and Duran Duran on a Sunday night feels wrong to turn down, somehow.

All hail the Longhorn!


Ant said...

(Damn, t'Internet threw a wobbly - not sure if this comment will post twice now...)

*Begin Beavis and Butthead voices*

Hehe... Hehehe...

You said "Longhorn".

So cool.

(Yeah! Yeah! Cool! Hehe! Longhorn! Hehe!)

*End voices*

Sounds like a blast! Are we getting a more in-depth account?

Crashdummie said...

Wiiiiiiiiiiii longhorn!

Beth said...

Re: Your summary - "My visit has been filled with..."
Wow. That is some vacation.

benjibopper said...

sounds like good times!

i just noticed on your sidebar that you like making up stories about random stranger. it's so funny, that's what the narrator of my novel does - it's a major plot point.

brandy said...

Ahh it sounds like you are having an awesome time- that's fantastic! And can I just say the phrase 'coconut mojito' had my mouth watering??

Abbey said...

Tonight is mojito night at my house. I've heard of this mysterious coconut mojito, but not sure what it might entail. Any specifics?

Airam said...

DAMN those horns are long!

eric313 said...

I would never underestimate a nerd's ability to whoop it up with the best of them.

How do you think I've managed to live even this long? We must make excellent use of our spare time. Dollar shots are the way to go.

Go longhorns!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Hooray for breaking the Geek sterotype mould!