Friday, August 10, 2007

Eight Princess Factoids

Approximately an eon or so ago, All Mod Con tagged me for the classic 8-facts-about-you meme. Again, a little late, but still worthwhile, right?

(I actually wanted to provide a little weekend entertainment, because I'm afraid my last post [outside of Esteban] was a little dull.)

#1 - As a child, I had a propensity to develop rather intense crushes on fictional characters. The two most prominent?

Joe Hardy of the Hardy Boys, and Kit Cloudkicker from the cartoon show Tale Spin.

It was a rather depressing realization that our love was never to be... particularly given the whole cross-species thing with Kit, and the fact that Joe would have been around 56 when I was 9. I coped with this reality by writing Tale Spin and Hardy Boys fan fiction... and writing a not so subtle version of myself into the plot, whether another bear named Katie, or a teenaged sleuth a la Nancy Drew.

#2 - While my first kiss may be a delightful tale, my second... not so much. I was a very awkward 13 year old, to say the least, at a masquerade ball/fund raiser with two of my significantly more experienced friends. During the dance, one of their friends, a boy clad in baggy pants who had a bad-boy air about him, made a rather dramatic show of interest in me- keeping his arm around me all night while he smoked, calling me pretty, and, eventually, kissing me against a railing in front of the whole group. I was besotted- a cool guy liked me!

I abruptly came down from the clouds two days later, when he called me, only to inform me that "I played you, bitch!"


Ironically, I ran into him at a bar many years later, where he actually apologized-- and gave me his phone number.
Which I conveniently lost.

#3 - Unlike the majority of the population, I adore karaoke. Why? Because I know I have a horrible voice- thus I don't worry about sounding good, and dedicate myself to full-force butchering the song. Duets are my favourite.

My karaoke high point was when the Hell's Angels were making a well publicized visit to my small home town. Sunday night, I found myself at the same place as them- the local hole in the wall's infamous karaoke night. I attempted to woe them by a heartfelt version of *NSync's "Tearing Up my Heart" with two friends. They didn't clap.

#4 - Despite my afore mentioned lack of vocal skills, I was rather involved in musical theatre as a teenager. My first role was the Goose in Charlotte's Web (I will remember my first line for all eternity- "Hello! I'm the Goose and this is my friend the Gander Gander Gander!")

However, the role that seems to capture everyone's fancy is when I played Abstinence in a sex-ed play shown to high schools in the region.

#5 - I have a horrible habit of talking during movies. Not loud and obnoxious so as to disturb other movie goers... rather observational whispers that seemingly need to be stated out loud so they are not forgotten. I'm especially bad if anything psychological is mentioned, as most Hollywood films tend to get it horribly wrong, which I then need to inform everyone watching the movie of. I'm really working on biting my tongue.

#6 - I collect tacky mushroom paraphanelia. I am the proud owner of, amonst other things, mushroom cookie jars, salt & pepper shakers, pot-holders, napkin holders, a tablecloth and a butter dish. I also have a large collection of wall hangings, which I now restrict to my kitchen, for fear of looking like a tacky stoner, rather than a mere fan of kitsch.

(I have several of these exact same cookie jars!)

#7 - I am such a caffeine addict that when I was on vacation with my mom and dad in a motel with no coffee maker, I drove several kilometers to the nearest caffeine provide- a golf course- and (with shaky hands, head throbbing) filled up my thermos with golf course coffee, which is a decidedly foul substance.

#8 - The most random animal I've ever come face to face with? The coati, a Central American relative of the raccoon. The especially random part was that I had just come out of a dense rainforest, where I'd only seen birds and butterflies... and then a coati meandered through the cloud forest parking lot.

I know I am supposed to tag a whole whack of people... but, honestly, hasn't nearly everyone done this meme?

If you are shaking your head... then tag!


Lord Chimmy said...

You had me at #3. I love doing karaoke...badly. In fact, I hate it when people get up in front of the crowd and try to sign all good. BORING! My next karaoke endeavor is to sing James Blunt's "You're Beautiful." His singing voice is so easy to mock.

eric1313 said...

I love Karaoke, too. Nobody can sing NIN or Sublime like me--when drunk... so maybe , it's not tht good, but genreally people clapp and yell, and I get the occasional drink bought for me.

Yes, caffiene rules. I'm going to get a tall cookeis and creme capucino right now... yes, that's probably not the best idea, considering my insomnia. Such is life.

Take care, friend.

All Mod Cons said...

Wow, this was TIME ago! I thought you were joking in a previous post when you said you had loads of unfinished ones!

Ant said...

Yep, I'm in with the bad karaoke - my Bohemian Rhapsody is now legendary after enthusiastically performing it with my decidedly restricted vocal range, at a leaving do for one my best mates. Folk were smiling, but didn't clap.

How does one play Abstinence - I'm thinking some big metal chain round your waist, Woody Allen styley? And were there other similar characters like maybe Indulgence or Careful?

Heart Of Darkness said...

My first kiss was AWFUL! LOL

And yeah, I'll admit it, just because you did too - I used to have crushes on fictional characters all the time, and yep, did write a hella lot fanfic that off course included moi... thank God my old childhood computer is RIP a long time ago! LOL

Princess Banter said...

OMG -- I also had mad crushes on fictional characters! I never told anyone in fear of getting labelled as a weirdo. Reading your meme has totally made me smile ;) I think we'll get along pretty well haha! My biggest crush was Trent of MTV's Daria. He was the classic bad boy ;)

captain corky said...

"and (with shaky hands, head throbbing) filled up my thermos with golf course coffee"

That's hardcore! That's worth at least 1000 cool points in my book.

I love karaoke too, but I have to have at least a beer and two shots before I'll get up on stage. The more jello shots I do in a night the more songs I request. It's a lot of fun!

Eve said...

I totally had crushes on fictional characters too. Still do sometimes. *blushing* The hunky guy in Exodus? Oh yeah. But, you know, they are a lot less messy than real life people.

Airam said...

I was 16 when I had my first kiss with a 23 year old in Italy. As I was trying to focus on the kiss he kept moving my hands from his shoulder down to ... you know. Anyways I kept moving them back up when I realized what he was doing and he gave up after the third try. I guess Italian boys aren't THAT romantic.

Jocelyn said...

Coatis creep me out.

I dated a guy once whose mom was so addicted to coffee, she took a thermos of it to bed with her at night. Honest to God.

And are you trying to imply there's something wrong with having a crush on a Hardy Boy? For me, it came with the tv show--ooh, that Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I am a bit guilty of #5.

Also, my ex-girlfriend had a ceuch on Dogtagnan when she was young, which is sweet.

Much sweeter than her later fixation with Skeletor.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...



I meant Crush

LMizzle said...

Hahaha, oh mushrooms. I have seen many a delightful piece of pottery with mushrooms. I will be keeping you in mind next time I see something!

brandy said...

You have sang Nsync in public? Yeah, we are destined to be friends. As for this meme... I've been tagged a few times to do it. I might actually do it now... thanks for the inspiration ;)

Yoda said...

13 yrs is a bit too young to get played like that, ain't it?

Well, no one played me, and I didn't play anyone. I had very boring teenage years!!

Number of teeth broken: 0
Number of broken bones: 0
Number of times smoked pot: 0
Number of times smoked ANYTHING: 0
Number of times drunk: 0
Number of girls preggied: 0

You see, I've not been living it up!

libby said...

hahaha...i love karaoke..and i'm totally guilty of whispering during movies..esp when i'm with my brother, for some odd reason!

Princess Pointful said...

Lord Chimmy- That will be so glorious I can't even handle it.
The worst ever? People who seriously try to do Celine Dion. Gah.

Eric- I heart Sublime. And caffeine at the wrong time of day.

AMC- Very very serious, my friend!

Ant- I'm thinking that NEEDS to be on YouTube.

Abstinence was a stuck up bitch in a business suit who was quite preachy. That particular play also had characters for HIV, Condom Man (who was clearly the crowd favourite- he rapped!) and Altered States.

HoD- Don't we get a clue as to who this fan fiction was about? Mine was all written (and illustrated!) by hand.

Princess- Us Princesses are destined to be friends. It's pretty much the rule. However, we didn't get MTV when I was a kid, so I just knew about Daria through hearsay.

Corky- I'm all for cool points AND jello shots! Especially green ones.

Eve- I don't remember Exodus... but I'm sure the fellow was appropriately dreamy.

Airam- Yeah-- I guess you can't get too lost in the moment in that situation!

Jocelyn- I think the weirder part was that I would frantically flip through each novel, looking desperately for the illustrations.

Ultra- I just googled Dogtagnan and pretty much have a crush on him now. Any dog that can wield a rapier is alright with me.

Lmizzle- I look forward to tackys galore (yes, tacky is a noun in my world)

Brandy- Nice. Karaoke partners are always appreciated. I actually love this meme so much I'm planning more random facts, just for the hell of it!

Yoda- Damn! I led a much more debaucherous youth than you! The only 0's I had on that list were broken teeth and girl's gotten preggers (and not just due to the biological impossibility, I swear!)

Libby- You and I should watch a movie together. Especially if you love snarky comments.

libby said...

woo! thanks for stopping by...i lover your blog btw...and haha yep i'm ALL over the snarky comments

its just so much fun to criticize sometimes

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I was hoping for a droll comment about how she must still have been attracted to dogs to involve herself with someone like me.

Ho ho ho!