Monday, September 3, 2007

Rock shows and other long weekend antics

Happy September, everyone!
Post-Labour Day, there always seems to be something qualitatively different in the air. Paired with the first leaves tumbling to the ground, I am afraid that autumn may indeed be creeping up on us.

But I digress... because I'm sure you are all biting your nails with anticipation of my long weekend antics!
(humour me, okay?)

My weekend kicked off with a proverbial bang, for certain...

A friend from a previous city of residence recently moved my way. On Friday, he invited me to meet him at an infamous clothing optional beach. I highlight the optional, as while I don't have a problem with nudity, I'm also a little hesitant to disrobe in front of just anyone, especially in the days of cell phone cameras and voyeuristic websites. While negotiating the plans, he asserted that he, too, would remain clothed. However, on the actual day of, as I was on my way to meet him, we exchanged a series of text messages, starting with him saying "I have to warn you, there are naked people here", to "Actually, I decided to go naked, as it felt too awkward to be clothed", to "Do you mind if I am naked when we meet?"
I told him that, if he was comfortable with it, I could handle that.

All the same, it is definitely one of the odder experiences in life to witness a completely platonic friend of several years (who, I may add, I have never been attracted to-- and is also married and a completely unskeezy guy) striding towards you, completely nude. Especially one who always fell more into the bounds of conventionality than myself. And although the awkwardness dissipated rather quickly (the fact that he was so nonchalant helped), I still kept on having "Oh my God, I've seen S's penis!" run through my mind for the rest of the day.


After dinner with my now non-nude friend, I met up with some girl friends, who escorted me to a friend's house for some drinks before we made our way out. Which was all fine and dandy... except for the fact that it was the DIRTIEST. HOUSE. EVER.

Our city is unfortunately on Day 47 of a garbage worker strike, which means that, along with being randomly blasted with rank odors as you are walking down the street, most houses are experiencing greater than normal fruit fly populations. I have about five buzzing around my kitchen that seemingly don't seem to care whether my dishes are clean or not, as do most people I know who live in this city. However, that is no excuse for over 50 fruit flies in the bathroom alone!

I seriously cannot imagine why people can not only live in such squalor, but not even be embarassed of it! Laundry all over the living room, hundreds of wine bottles in the kitchen, odd wet looking stains on the rug, mold in the bathtub... and you invite people over? I was creeped out by the fact that I hadn't worn socks and had to place my bare feet on their possibly contaminated floor that had never seen the gentle touch of a mop.


However, lest you get the impression that my long weekend was all about a general sense of discomfort...

Whilst flipping through the channels on Sunday afternoon, I came across not just one, but TWO Freddie Prinze Jr. movies on at the very same time! Ah, Freddie, your puppy dog eyes and ability to play a teenager despite being around thirty years old make me yearn for the days of yore. Your films also make me wonder why my prom didn't have spontaneous choreographed dance routines. Or even an epic battle for prom queen, and, of course, your heart.


The main theme of the weekend, however, was not heartthrobs, but rather rock concerts!

Saturday night, the Duke, his roomie and I went to see Queens of the Stone Age. We were a little apprehensive-- not at QOTSA's ability to rock, but rather about the venue, which at the last minute had been relegated to a suburban arena typically used for Triple A hockey due to the very same strike that has also resulted in garbage pile-ups also resulting in the closing of the concert venue. However, the show did not disappoint-- the band rocked out for a solid two hours, and I danced my ass off.
One of the most entrancing things ever must be watching a mosh pit in flickering lights-- it looks as though it is entirely its own entity.
A non-highlight? Drunks teenagers trying to mosh while in hockey arena stands-- in between doing the spin your partner, do-si-do square dance move.

We also went to see Tokyo Police Club on Sunday night. Fitting with one of the weekend's subthemes-- that being lack of cleanliness- -the floor was so sticky it pulled my slip-on shoes off. Although they probably suffered in contrast to the night previous' performance, the band still put on a solid show, if a little short.

I'm actually in the midst of a rather lovely concert bonanza, with another four shows this month alone.


But now, alas, with the return of fall comes the return to school. My eighth year, to be exact, which is a little intimidating to realize. Kicking off with a 6:30 rise tomorrow and a return home some 13 or so hours later.

Freddie.... come rescue me!


Ant said...

I feel I need a bath after reading this.

However, dirt notwithstanding, they do sound like wonderful antics. The platonic penis sightation (or citation maybe? "I refer you to the penis I spotted on the 2nd September 2007...") was particularly amusing. :-)

captain corky said...

TWO Freddie Prinze Jr movies in one weekend?!? The Gods are definitely smiling on you princess.

Beth said...

I'm somewhat speechless.
Still taking in the nude friend experience and amazed that "the awkwardness dissipated." Guess you know this guy a lot better now, huh?
And your other friend's home? Geez.
You seem to have had the proverbial dirty weekend.

molly said...

Hahah I used to have the biggest crush on him in middle school....

Yoda said...

I don't think I could handle watching a friend in the nude and have "awkwardness dissipate" ;-) LOL! Especially one of the opposite sex. As a first, I'd have to make an overwhelming effort to look at the EYES of the person I'm talking to :-p

Sounds like a really fun weekend with lots of great activities!

All Mod Cons said...

Now that's what I call an eventful weekend!

What are the other 4 gigs you've got coming up?!

Indiana James said...

Gotta love a great live show. I've taken to attending more live gigs of late. Next up is a sporting event tour on the west coast. That should be a good adventure. :D

Oh and dirty houses... EEEeeeew. I see a lot a work, but nothing gets my skin crawling like when I am sitting in a place and there are roaches crawling around. Gross.

cdp said...

I'm sorry but Freddie can't rescue you because he is over here painting my toenails.

Sounds like a fun weekend. But? Fruit flies? I HATE THEM. I found a rather aged sippie cup of milk hidden in a cabinet the other day (wtf, I know); and henceforth came the March of the Fruit Flies. They are awful!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Really don't like Freddie Prinze Junior, never have.

Exhibtionist as I am, still not sure I could do the whole naturism thing.

Eve said...

Do you mind if I am naked when we meet?

Hahahahaha. Funny post.

I don't understand the embracing of slovenliness either. I mean, I should have to carry around my own chair, or a towel to sit on, even when I'm not naked. That's just unhospitable.

Eve said...

Oh, and nude beaches are great!

Michelle said...

Freddie = HAWT

And I leave you with this question...

When you and S met up did you hug?

That's the first thing that came to mind because when I see an old friend that's the first thing I'm prone to do, but in this situation it may need to be avoided. lol

Princess Pointful said...

Ant- Maybe it would help if I somehow dramatically depersonalized his penis!

Corky- Indeed. There is no other explanation for such a tremendous blessing.

Beth- Perhaps "my dirty weekend" would have been a better post title.
Yeah- I certainly do know him better. In all honesty, I would have voted him least likely of all my friends to see naked up until Friday. Assuming there was a reason for such a poll.

Molly- My naked friend? ;)

Yoda- I was doing that, too. EXTREME eye contact. I was glad it was sunny out so I had an excuse to wear sunglasses.

AMC- This weekend I'm going to see Bobby Conn (who I assume no one has heard of- even though he sings about religious holidays in a very spirited way... see "Passover") and Brian Jonestown Massacre. Later this month it's Tegan and Sara, and your countrymen, the Arctic Monkeys.

Indy J- What bands have you been going to? And when/what/where are you attending on the west coast?

cdp- Damn Freddie and his propensity to offer services to other women! That's why handsome men are so damned dangerous...

Crushed- In all truth, I've never been a spectacular fan. I think "She's All That" was the only film of his I'd seen until this fateful weekend.

Eve- It was a surprise request, that's for sure!
I almost wonder if it is a sign of some evolutionary failing to be that dirty. It honestly cannot be healthy!

Michelle- There was actually a conspicuous lack of hugging, which is probably pretty telling!

All Mod Cons said...

The Arctic Monkeys are playing over there?!?! NO WAY! Damn...another reason to go to Canada...although I feel they may have left by the time I get there.

Off to see Paul Weller in Germany in 2 weeks...not that I'm counting the days or anything...

Airam said...

Just because there is a garbage strike does not mean that you shouldn't still clean!!! That's nasty!

Dorky Dad said...

Wait. You mean that your prom wasn't choreographed? What kind of cheesy school did you attend???

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I feel like I need a bath too - for my soul. You see, any mention of Prinze Jr send me into raptures of depression that can only be alleviated by the relentless planning of The Death of Prinze Sr - for bringing his demon spawn into the world.

eric1313 said...

excellent use of the word "unskeezy". I've always loved the whole 'skeezer' linguistic familly, being a true Detroiter at heart.

The sticky floor sounds like Harpo's concert theater in Detroit. Harpo's tags itself as the home of the dollar pitcher of beer (actually an average sized mug that's shaped like a pitcher), and combined with the poor planning of having carpet on the floor of the pit area, this makes it one of the most disgusting places on the planet. But, acts like Slayer, Iron Maiden and Type O Negative refuse (or are not allowed) to play any other venue in the area.

Hope you've been well. Always glad to catch up with you and your posts.