Sunday, October 14, 2007

The petty things that make me grumble

Perhaps this may be a weak excuse for a post... but I present to you a list of things that piss off this Princess:

-The fact that I have had a nice profound post half written for days now, but haven't had the time to appropriately finish it off yet, and thus have to resort to a list post.

-Tied in with this, the fact that no time to write for fun also means less time to read for fun, which means I am falling behind on all the lovely blogs I was able to keep up with so well during the summer. Trust me, I am wondering about everyone, and hoping to dedicate the TLC y'all deserve sometime soon.

-The bus service in my city. It is not cool to wander over to the bus stop with plenty of time to get to one's fitness class, only to find that because of construction, the bus route has changed. Not to, say, a street over, but rather 6 blocks over, meaning that you arrive at the bus stop by the time you were supposed to arrive downtown.

- The smarmy real estate agent selling the house I live in. He has huge jowls and the fakest smile ever. (For Canadians out there- he is Ralph Klein's twin), and can't seem to sell this amazing house, thus meaning that I have had people wandering through my suite regularly for three months now!

- When you are chowing down on a delicious sub, and somehow, in the middle of it, you bite directly into an onion. Instant gag reflex. And how does an onion make it into the lettuce tub at Subway?

- The fact that, even when I wear a knee length skirt, some dirty old guy still tries to look up it when I go down stairs.

- When, on your first day of your hip hop dance class, the instructor calls you up to the front of the class to use as an example of poor feet coordination.

- Small band groupies. I used to think groupies of more mainstream bands were aggravating... but going to a small local show this weekend, and seeing how all the girls would elbow each other to have the chance to dance provocatively in the front, made me realize that having a real chance to hook up with the lead singer is a very bad thing.

- Being tricked into buying cheap freezer bags only to discover they have no ziplock on them.

- The fact that every girl on the outside of a Halloween costume package has breasts up to her chin, which leaves me wondering if the costume will even fit someone, like myself, whose breasts only go as high as my chest.

- And even if it does fit my chestal region, it would cost me $75 to be clad as a naughty cop or Vampira.

- The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Wii game, which sucks nearly as much as the movie. I really don't care for your continuing words of wisdom, Splinter.

- The fact that you can't wear socks with so many women's shoes, so at the end of the day, your feet smell brutal.

- The fact that all dress pants are made for tall people, so I always drag my cuffs in puddles when I'm trying to pretend I'm professional. And don't tell me to just get them hemmed. I'm stubborn. I think I should be able to get pants that fit me without having to take that extra step.

- PT Cruisers. Retro isn't always a good thing.


Airam said...

Funnily enough ... now that I'm all done my program I find that I'm having a hard time keeping up with the blogs. I think that this has something to do with the fact that I'm no longer chained to my laptop and therefore have no need to procrastinate. I think I'm doing better with the commenting now though.

eric1313 said...

Onions do suck. That's Subway for you. Bunch of sandwich 'fartists'.

The hip-hop dance class instructor did that to you? Arggh!

Local bands would not have groupies if the sluts from their high school didn't show up. It's all good, they are just extending their 'normal' social games into a new arena. But yes, don't pump up the lead singer's or guitarist's egos by making them think they've gotten a real groupie.

Take your time getting around. And at least I'm a quick read! My responses are longer than my posts.

eric1313 said...

After high school, those same sluts are just trying desperately to regain the social game that ended when HS ended and real life started. Yeah, sleep with one of them, and you're usually no more than one person removed from sleeping with all of them.

Yoda said...

Oh I know how it feels when the instructor pulls you out as an example to the rest of the class. I was regularly pulled out of my swimming class as an example of how NOT to move your legs (aka the bending knees phenomena!) I suck at swimming!

I also remember the first day a friend of mine introduced me to the world of peeping under girls skirt by hanging around the stairwell. 8th graders do funky stuff!

...BeccaLynn said...

OMFG. I have hated PT Cruisers since they first came out. Ew. And I'm really sorry about the bus stop girl, and the hip-hop instructor. I took a belly dancing class last fall, and the teacher would blame me and my friend that I was taking it with for doing things that SHE WOULD TELL US TO DO. Argh. Still bitter about that, obviously.

brandy said...

You may be the only blogger I know who has put up a picture of Ralph. And for that alone, you deserve a round of applause.

libby said...

omg halloween costumes are so goddamn expensive!! i don't get it!

also - long dress pants...SO IRRITATING

Lisa said...

I loved reading this. You're so funny.

I think 80% of real estate agents are smarmy. I wonder why that is.

Mim said...

I agree with the pants thing. I'm not petite and I'm not tall, I'm normal. When did they stop making normal people clothes and start catering to the weirdos?

Princess Extraordinaire said...

It sucks to bite into something you think is delicous only to find (gasp!) an onion...ewwww

Beth said...

Good rant. Great list.
Nasty hip hop dance instructor.

Looking forward to your profound post - when you have time to finish it.

All Mod Cons said...

Check that motor out! Not seen one of those before. I'd love to get my mitts on one of those!

Why are they wrong??

Abbey said...

I can't believe an instructor would call someone out as an example of 'bad' behavior. Just counter productive - especially cause I'd probably never show up to the class again.

I agree on the pants. Even petite length are a good 2-3 inches too long. When did these short people become so tall? Oh, and at least you wear your pants. I on the other hand buy them and intend to get them hemmed and then sit in my closet until I outgrow them.

Hope said...

Seriously? What is it with instructors having to embarrass people? Yes, we're not coordinated. Can you not announce it to the whole world. Ah, that pisses me off!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

The first two I can definitely appreciate- I know what you mean.

As for socks- finding one that match oin the morning, is my key problem.

Crashdummie said...

omg i hope that didnt stop you from continue taking the hip hop class - that just sounds way cool...

and sowwie hun, I couldn't help giggling through your whole post, mostly cuz I can relate to what u are writing.

if you cant be a good example, be a bad one ;)

benjibopper said...

that's why hip hop dance class scares me.

ralph klein scares me too.

the first car that ever picked me up hitching was a PT Cruiser, so i rented one for my honeymoon. not a cool car, but good on gas.

Ashley said...

- When, on your first day of your hip hop dance class, the instructor calls you up to the front of the class to use as an example of poor feet coordination.

hahahaha I love you. I had this happen to me in my yoga class...oh yeah the one where everyone is quiet? so they definately took notice that the instructor was personally instructing me on how to place myself? Yeah. thats cool.

Whats worse than pants? Apparently jackets are made for tall people too. I always find the cutest things that are absolutely gigantic in the arms. I dont know how many xsmall people out tehre have enormously long arms but somehow, the shirts they make cater entirely to them.

I'm falling soooo behind on reading blogs. I just dont have the time anymore :-( And i will have even less time in the next month so i apologize if i completely disappear. Just in case I do.

Ant said...

That's some fine ranting.

Good work. :-)

PS My word verification is "thize".

Princess Pointful said...

Airam- I am brilliant at commenting right away at the beginning of the week, which tends to be more spent on the computer. But, come end of week, when it is more classes and clinical work, I'm a mess at keeping up.

Eric- Being from a small town, I know this sleeping with one person = sleeping with the football team theory. Except we didn't have a football team. It was the volleyball players everyone wanted.

Yoda- So I can blame Junior High for this pervert then? ;)

BeccaLynn- That's why I'm always so apprehensive about fitness classes. I love the notion of group fitness, but the instructors can be so intimidating!

Brandy- What I'm really hoping for is some hits from serious Ralph fans! People need to see those jowls!

Libby- I know! Why pay so much for cheap vinyl you will only wear once.
I was talking to my sis about it today, and she's like "I would never pay that much for something I would only wear once... unless it was for a wedding."

Lisa- Thanks :). It seems as though I am not alone in this dress pant thing!

Mim- What I wanna know is who are these people with a Size 6 waist but are so damn tall! Freaks!
(I say that because I am jealous)

Princess Extrordinaire- Sucks soooo much. And then you have to stick your fingers in the meal to scope for more onion invaders.

Beth- To be fair, I wasn't the only person he picked on, and he kept on pointing out that he expected mistakes, because it was intro. But still...

AMC- Because they are ugly as all hell! I resent such obvious tactics as making a new car look like some 50s vehicle.

Abbey- At least, as I said before, I wasn't the only one called out. Believe it or not, I'm thinking of going back. Though I may hide from him.

Hope- I know. I wish that intro classes were truly meant to be intro, so that people got that this didn't mean you just casually dabbled in it... it meant you really never tried it before!

Crushed- I hate wearing socks for many reasons, that being one of them.

Benjibopper- And an appropriately sized back seat for honeymooners, I would imagine!

Ashley- No worries. I sympathize with the DamnThesis experience a great deal... though I will miss your regular posts and visits!

Ant- Glad you enjoyed!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

What a beautiful automobile!!!

Yes Maam!!!!!


brookem said...

first of all, hi, i dont know if ive commented here before? anyway, you said smarmy, and for that alone i will continue reading! i hate hate hate when pants drag in puddles in the rain. ugh, so annoying. ugh, and lord do i hear you about the halloween costumes. sucks.
love that picture, ha!

brookem said...

and i seriously didnt ready brandy's comment with the "that alone" business before i commented. i should really just always ditto her, since we pretty much replicate each other's comments on a daily basis.