Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ways to tell I am drunk (or how I spent my Friday and other weekend lists)

- Tequila seems like a good idea. I need to have a few drinks in me to even consider taking a shot of tequila that is offered to me. It is a whole 'nother story when I actually volunteer for it.

- My friend tells me that everyone is checking us out while dancing to "Life is a Highway", and I believe her. Because, at that moment, nothing is sexier than me grooving to Tom Cochran.

- I make a whole series of new friends in the woman's bathroom, and profess my friendship to them by offering to share my drink with them.

- I decide that everything I have to say is inherently interesting, so I fill in my friends about my internal debate about whether to eat a bagel after we leave the bar.
Pro: Bagels are tasty. And bread soaks up booze.
Cons: I'm not even hungry. And one bagel is equal to approximately a loaf of bread in carb values.

- I shout out things such as "That's Doctor Marion Jones!" (Referring to myself. Don't even ask. I'm not on steroids, I just was doing some stellar sprinting.)

- I send my boyfriend text messages saying things such as "Yay for love from drunk Princess!". And then, after I crawl into bed with him that night, he wakes up to the smell of vodka.

So, yeah, that was pretty much my Friday night. Unintentional on all parts, as I was just gonna have a quiet movie night with a girl friend before we got the call about a birthday celebration. We broke into the sake over dinner, and it was all downhill from there, I'm afraid. I tend not to be a big partier, so it was good fun. Except for the next day...


Ways to tell you are the most obnoxious concert-goer ever:

- You wear what must be steel-toed boots (or perhaps even tap shoes) to a concert hall with wooden floors.

- You frantically stomp off key to every song... even the slow ones, to such an extent that everyone is looking around to find out where the random vibrations are coming from. As such, you gain the nickname Riverdance.

- You flail your elbows in close proximity to others, to such point that people are spending more time dodging you than watching the show.

- During the songs, you randomly shout out bad 70s punch-lines, like "Ooooh, yeah, that's the spot" or "Yeah yeah yeah drop the bomb!"

- When the lead singer is explaining the meaning of a song, or talking about something otherwise important to them, you shout out into the silence "Get on with the song, man!". Double points for calling the singer by their first name as you bash them, such as "Come on, Amy, get the words out!"

This was luckily the man standing behind me. My friend actually turned to him and said "Just stop." It worked for a few minutes, at least.

Anyways, other than Riverdance's focused attempt to ruin the concert experience for those in his immediate vicinity, it was an absolutely stellar show. A fabulous Canadian indie rock band called Stars were playing. They actually played two encores, the crowd was so hyped.

Words can't really describe what a great live show will do to you. It is the most amazing feeling to just lose oneself in the music and become oblivious to everything around you and just move.

I go to a lot of concerts, and one of the things I have learned to be true is that every live show you go to should leave you feeling differently about the band than prior to the show. It's horribly wrong to leave with the same sentiment, as it means the band didn't do their job-- it's almost better to go out with a bad taste in your mouth then for it to be so unmemorable.
Obviously, this was not the case here. In fact, it was the opposite- such a great show that for the next while, each time I listen to their music the songs will have new meaning and set of memories.

26 comments: said...

Lol - your Friday night sounded a bit familiar to me - right down to the tequila & the drunk texts. Sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Airam said...

Ha! You drink all that alcohol and you worry about what the bagel is worth in carbs!! Too funny.

brandy said...

I LOVED this! I just wrote on my week and there was tequila involved too. Although, there was no dancing to Tom. By the time I finally remembered there was a dance floor- I was all about dancing to Britney. I'm cringing right now.

eric1313 said...

Tequila... That was the one that led to my balcony incident. Oh my god...

It does lead to friendship, though, I'll give you that.

The cool thing about live music is, even if I don't like the band, I can get into it during the live situation. Many times I've seen a show that turned me into a fan. When I was offered free tickets to the Cure that's exactly what happened. They were OK before, then after, I had a new perspective on them. Not to mention, Robert Smith played the show with a Wing's sweater jersey. Nothing like kissing up to the home crowd!

Miriam said...

I've met some of my bestests while drunk and in the bathroom. I'm not sure why it works that way.

captain corky said...

Sounds like Friday night was fun. No Tequila for me. It tends to make Corky

I sat in front of a really obnoxious person at the football game last night. She was screaming just as loudly for the Honor Guard at half time as she was for her team during the game. I wanted to strangle her.

Psychgrad said...

There's something about drunk women in bathrooms -- they're all so nice.

Sounds like a great weekend. Good job by your friend for telling that guy to shut up.

Lisa said...

Hi. You are too funny and I heart you madly. You are a FUN drunk. We should go out drinking sometime. (Let's pretend that's possible.) I'm sick of being stuck with the weepy, whiny drunks all the time. (I was drunk this weekend, too. A man cried on my shoulder.)

Beth said...

You sound like a very friendly and likable drunk - and it's amazing how such wonderful (although temporary) friendships form amongst tipsy women in washrooms!

Miriam D said...

Tequila = uncontrollably drunk Miriam D. Lessons I learned when I was a freshman. I'm impressed you drank it without falling into a stupor on the sidewalk. Because that's what would have happened to me (I wouldn't even have gotten to the drunk texting part).

DG said...

Haha Riverdance. I totally have sat near people like that. How annoying! But it sounds like you had a fun weekend :)

blogging said...

i think if we proceeded to go out together, and get fabulously drunk, we'd pretty much be bff's.

just saying, you know, judging from your fri night recap.

heart you :)

xo, bb

Ant said...

"That's Doctor Marion Jones!" Highly amusing... :-D

Re the concert thing - it's the one place where I've realised the power of a mob. Have you ever got that? It was at a festival when I was right down the front in the crush and someone came on that I thought was ok but not brilliant. Didn't matter - I whooped and cheered because everyone around me was too. Bit scary upon reflection...

Eve said...

That sounds like fun! And I try to limit my tequila consumption to one or two margaritas. I love new bffs met in the bathroom

Psychgrad said...

Do you still have Creative Absorption's e-mail address? I just went to check out her blog (to see if by change she decided to start it up) and there were some wierd posts about Texas. Do you think it's worth mentioning to her?

Yoda said...

Oh Sake is goooood for Friday nights :-) You know that's what I miss the most out here in NY. I just don't have that kinda friends to go out and party. Everyone is either married or a fucking bore.

A Margarita said...

Lol, sounds like fun times. Many a friend is made during drunken debauchery.

NamesAreHardToPick said...

Interesting ... someone told me Vodka doesn't smell. Sounds like you're a fun person when you're drunk.

QueenBee said...

Seriously? Your comment make me smile. It was one of those smiles that makes me look like an idiot. But Thank you.

Also? You sound like the funnest drinking buddy. And meow. Because I can't think of anything else. YaY!

Valley Girl said...

You're funny when you're drunk!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I love the ways in which you knew you were drucnk - and I bet the next day sucked - it always does! You're so right abot seeing a band live and then having a totally different perception of them - it always happens when I go to a concert (even though haven't been to one in ages)I seem to get so into them once I've seen them in person - and I mean INTO them - like I want to know every intimate detail about their lives etc.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

'Riverdance' reminds me of a pack of young bucks scampering around in front of me at the Incubus concert I went to recently.

They were throwing shapes like they were at a rave, and intermitently squabbling with each other for no apparent reason

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

P.S - Is Marion an Indy reference? I don't want to consult the mighty wiki

MyUtopia said...

Tequila never seems to bother me. I usually have to drink a lot of it to feel any effects.

Princess Pointful said...

Okay, so I need to get a heck of a lot better at replying to comments. I'm gonna try, folks....

t.b.f.- New technology can be dangerous at times. I've never been much of a drunken dialer, but 100% a drunken texter!

Airam- It wasn't beer, if that counts for everything. Fruit juice has vitamins!

Brandy- Tequila and dancing wholeheatedly seem to very much go together, I'm afraid.

Eric- Now you have me curious about this famous balcony incident...
Agreed about the live music. I will hardly ever turn down the chance to go see a band if someone tells me they are decent and wants to bring me along.

Miriam- It's like a special land in there. The girls may be bitchy outside the bathroom, but inside, it's all about the kindness!

Corky- Shall we plan a crossborder trip to set her and Riverdance up?

Psychgrad- They are! And they always love something you are wearing... genuinely!

Lisa- I laughed really hard when I heard that a guy cried on your shoulder.
Still- yes, round of shots on me. I bet the two of us could have some epic rants.

Beth- I hope what you say is true. Things were a little fuzzy that night... but I do think I am generally pretty nice :)

Miriam D- It's weird... I went on a tequila hiatus from a particularly bad night at 16 until I was around 22. For some reason I can handle it again... maybe because it is a shot, rather than chugging a bottle. Ugh...

dg- Sometimes I wish concerts had no people. For real.

Blogging B- And I bet we would truly make Life is a Highway hot, because you are that great ;)

Ant- Agreed. It is crazy how much more intense an experience can be when you are surrounded by others who are apparently feeling the same thing. The scariest thing that's ever happened to me is almost getting stuck in a vicious moshpit!

Eve- In most cases, I would agree with you on the tequila rules... but rules weren't quite on my mind then.

Yoda- Boooo. You are too much fun to be sitting in doors. It's NY... there's got to be some people just waiting for you to waltz in!

A Margarita- If you can remember their name the next day ;)

Names- Oh, it does smell, I can vouch to that. Like nail polish remover. Mmmmm.

QueenBee- You get a meow back because you're great. Always glad to make you smile.

Valley Girl- It's even funnier how funny I think I am when I'm drunk.

Princess E- Oh, believe me, it did suck.
I'm totally the same way with bands. I will get all stalker and order their debut EPs and stuff!

Ultra Toast- I love the people who dance completely inappropriately to the music. Like the guys doing square dance moves when I went to see Queens of the Stone Age.

Marion Jones is an Olympic sprinter who recently got busted for steroid use.
You can see how I would resemble her.

Myutopia- And, for that, I deem you superwoman.

nicoleantoinette said...

Haha- I'm SO similar when I'm drunk (especially with the not liking tequila; if I'm doing tequila shots, somebody needs to tell me to go the hell home). Ditto with the food discussions, but I'm more partial to weighing the pros and cons of drunk pizza. :)