Monday, February 25, 2008

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly AND some reasons to be irresponsible

I don't know why she swallowed a fly

I guess she'll die.

No, I haven't been gorging on insects. I've just had that song inexplicably (and irritatingly) running through my head all day.

I am still a very busy little bee. Today, I have been wholeheartedly enveloped in a mind-numbing paper. You know what's irritating? Psychodynamic theory that purposely makes itself as inaccessible as possible. You know who's a nerd? That would be me.

Alas, you are not going to receive a well-thought out coherent post today. Instead, today is a day of obligatory smatterings of random thoughts and pictures.
  • Is anyone else as neurotic as me and do comment comparisons on different posts? I try to figure out the scientific reasons why some topics are apparently more response worthy than others. I still haven't figured out the formula.
  • My apartment was chilly the other day, so I grabbed my warmest hoodie-- my graduation sweatshirt. As I looked down to the year emblazoned on the arm, something occurred to me... if I were to wear this sweatshirt in public (which I certainly do not), it would officially be creepy. I would be like the guy in a mullet wearing his Grad '87 bomber jacket!
  • Is there any more of a gendered food than cottage cheese? Seriously, do any of my male readers actually eat it?
  • What is it about the Duke and I that, in the most empty of movie theatres, someone will always sits directly in front of us or beside us?
  • We went to see Be Kind Rewind this weekend, and I have to say, I was disappointed. The spoof bits were hilarious, but the whole plot premise was a little too cliched and warm & fuzzy for my liking. To be fair, I hold Michel Gondry to pretty impeccably high standards, given how amazing Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was-- but I really didn't expect him to pull out the "little-business-supported-by-the-community-fights-against-corporate-evil" schtick. That's almost as bad as "flawless-woman-falls-for-lovable-misfit-despite-her-uptight-family's-reservations".
  • I live near a main road which is currently under major construction. Intermittently, the workers decide to use my little tree-lined street as a main conduit to the construction site. For some reason, whenever they do use it, they inevitably 1) start at 7:30am and 2) only go in reverse down the street, meaning I am haunted by that incredibly aggravating continual beep. Honestly, if you are so out of it to ignore the massive cement truck coming towards you, I doubt a beep will make that much of a difference. No one is playing ball on the street today.
  • I am coming to hate cantaloupes, simply because they keep on stealing the spots of worthwhile candidates in my fruit salads. One strawberry and fifteen pieces of cantaloupe? Simply not acceptable.
  • Has anyone else been having mega-issues with Blogger lately, such as the site not being up, photos not uploading, etc? Lately, I haven't been able to edit my blogroll like I've wanted, because I can't even scroll down to where it is on the edit layout page.
Just in case these exciting musings weren't enough for you, here's a few photos from the previous weekend away (aka. the part of this post entitled reasons to be irresponsible).

A famous hotel... Unfortunately, not the one we stayed at, where they put us in adjoining rooms with squealing 16 year old girls. Which seriously kills the mood for sexy time. As did the table saw operating outside our door early one morning.
And upside down!
One area of town is particularly known for its proliferation of bunny rabbits. The regulars all ignore them, but I am absolutely thrilled by them, and feel the need to point every single one of them out. "Look! That one has spots!"
Me and my newfound bunny friends, who promptly ignored me when they saw there was nothing in my outstretched hands.
The Duke called this one of him "shunned from the village after my first period". 
I thought it was a lovely photo, even if he did look a little sulky.
An unfortunately deceptive sea-life free set of tidal pools.
And the driftwood trio.

The driftwood is taunting me... I want to be at the beach.


Stephanie said...

So pretty - where is that?

Also, thanks for getting that terrible song in my head too. :)

ana said...

I haven't been so whole-heartedly engaged in writing a paper on Salvador Dali.
Because of your scientific pondering I agree you're a nerd. NERD!!!
I know a few guys who like cottage cheese. French guys. Any pointful snarky remarks?

Miriam D said...

Yes, I am as neurotic as you and have often tried to figure out why some posts get more feedback than others. I agree with you on your assessment of be kind rewind - the shorts were adorable, but the overall idea was weak.

love the photos!

EF said...

Well now, I am a fan of cantalope and cottage cheese...together even, in a cc+c salad! But you are quite on point with how various eateries use way too many melons in lieu of tasty berries and smaller fruits.

Lisa said...

BUNNIES!@!%@*&%@&$% I was totally going to write something intelligent but it's gone now. I just want to smoosh things now. Like marshmallows. And pillows. And babies. And bunnies. Mwahaha. I have one.

All I know is that nobody comments during the weekends. It's when I like writing the most because everything is chill. *Shrug* And nobody likes videos. Google is utter crap lately. My feed isn't updating.

Anonymous said...

I love your pointed randomness. And the photos are beautiful. I may have to fly up to your city sometime while I'm still on this side of the country. Will you host me? :)

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

The cottage cheese thing is completely true.

I've blogged before and been like, "no one is going to reply to this". I don't get that nerdy, though when I do I expect few responses, but sometimes I get a bunch....who knows.

Maxie said...

the sweatshirt thing had me crackin up

brandy said...

The 'shunned from the village' title had me laughing. As for cantalope- I understand. Hogging the limelight of better fruits? Reminds me of Ralph Nader.

Also... about the whole commenting thing, I have no concrete ideas. I have noticed though that when I post something while in a miserable mood I get far more responses than if I post something while extremely happy. Maybe bloggers are more likely to comment when they feel you need a boost?

cookie monster said...

Those rabbits look rampant. Rampant Rabbits! Geddit?


Clueless Cat said...

I just have to say, living in Hong Kong, and my apartment building within 2 minutes' walking distance of TWO (not one, but TWO, and one of them being literally right in front of my building) buildings currently being built does not make for the quietest of neighborhoods...even on Saturdays they bang away all day relentlessly. ughhh.

great pictures, though! :)

Hope said...

Just as neurotic. I think about the comment thing way too much. Not on my blog but on all the blogs I read!

When I sing that song to my 18 month old nephew, I naturally change the last line to "I guess she'll cry"

Cause really? Its not very appropriate for a children's song is it?

Ant said...

Male cottage cheese consumption = fudge-packer. No debate.

I think I recognise the hotel - are you on the southern tip of a nearby island perchance?

Bunnies = cute.

Shunned after first period = very funny.

Trucks moving about in reverse = why do they always do that?

captain corky said...

"Psychodynamic theory that purposely makes itself as inaccessible as possible."

Funny, this subject is exactly what I was thinking about this morning while I ate my Captain Crunch and watched the Smurfs on Boomerang. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I agree with Be Kind Rewind. My friend actually fell asleep in the movie. I should have seen Vantage Point.

Where were you in those pics? So pretty!

Anonymous said...

I've often wondered what the deal is with some posts too. Weird.

Now I would really like to go and eat some cottage cheese. :)

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

He hee! Good title from The Duke.

The reason people sit in front or behind you, i'm guessing, is because you sit right in the middle seats of the middle row of the cinema.

Your Good-Seat-Taste is magnetic

Deutlich said...

YES! I am totally neurotic in that way and am always wondering what causes a plethora of commenting on one post and next to none on another. I'm weird like that.

Also, the bunnies? LOVE! I would be doing exactly the same thing. Animals, in general, make me very happy. The army post I was born on has an abundance of ground hogs and no matter what - if I see them, I squeal with delight and point. I don't even care that it's a rodent. It's cute. Dammit.

Yoda said...

I know this is probably going to horrify you, but the first thought that came across my head when I read about the over abundance of bunny rabbits?

Why don't they eat them?

I blame it on the english/french movie "Two Days in Paris" that J and I watched this weekend! The French dad ended up cooking rabbits. Ugh.

Jess said...

I love the photos! And no, I haven't been having that trouble with blogger.

Also, I used to do that comment analysis, but I came to the conclusion that it was totally random and stopped paying attention.

the frog princess said...

I also wonder about the comment-thing... though my math skills are far too disused to figure out any sort of algorithm to explain it.

So far the record-holder is yesterday's post about the jackass from Craigslist. I guess people like bitching :)

Not to throw a wrench in the works, but I am a female and I HATE cottage cheese. With a passion.

And cantalope is totally overrated.

Good luck with your paper!

La said...

Hi, now that song is stuck in my head, too.



Sheila said...

My brother eats cottage cheese, but he's gay, so does that count?

I had a lot of trouble with Blogger yesterday - glad to know it's not just me...

I love bunnies! I would have pointed them all out too!

Cool photos!

Anonymous said...

is that the chateau frontenac? yes, i'm a leafs girl! i wonder about the comments thing too! (but meh, I figure I post what i want to post, if you have to say say it if not, that's totally cool too). aaaand also on my mind? we should SO DO a canadian blogger meetup!

A Margarita said...

I know a guy who eats cottage cheese - he's Russian.

WKC said...

Damn, those are some plump rabbits.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

A Margarita: In Russia....Cottage Cheese eats YOU!!!!

Surfergrrl said...

the bunnies are cute! did they double in population while you were there? :)

The reason I moved is becuase of being on streets where I heard that beeping constantly. It's seriously aggravating!

nicoleantoinette said...

I love that picture of the building reflected upside down in the water. It definitely makes me want to be somewhere with pretty buildings and pretty water. Oh, and the comment analysis? Done and done. Some of my posts get so many more comments than others and I'm like.. but why? why this one? Same thing with the amount of hits. Oh blogging...

S'Mat said...

cantalope the interloper! that stuff's ubiquitous and there only to fluff up the others. then there's those ugly little grapes. man, i think you hit a nerve of mine there: fruit salad is a farce. i wouldn't feed it to POWs. and cottage cheese reminds me of stucco.
i like the vic-pics though. i used to live in a boat on that harbour. ahhh.

Psychgrad said...

Nice pictures!

We have a name for the guys with mullets who wear their Grad '87 jackets --- bleacher creatures.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

No, not a fan of cottage cheese.

I guess some posts do seem to generate longer comments than others, sometimes of course, one reads excellent posts, but one can see the time in the corner of the computer screen and you are aware there is a pint somewhere with your name on it, going flat.

I don't know why, but I thought your hair would be lighter.

Jocelyn said...

I enjoyed every bit of this post.

Except the bunnies.

They creeped me out.

Katelin said...

Oh I love the pictures, so pretty.

And you're right, I don't really know any guys that like cottage cheese...weird.

lawyerish said...

I try to figure out what makes a post comment worthy too! I've decided that people like my attempts at humor more than they like my deep thoughts.

lfar said...

i love the picture-upside down picture combo. Also, I need to go see Be Kind Rewind.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and my dad love cottage cheese. Also, I love cantaloupe but have no idea why it takes over fruit salads. Seriously, have the people who make fruit salad not heard of balance? It is why I have given up on buying pre-made fruit salad.

Dorky Dad said...

Whenever I see any male eating cottage cheese, I take it from him, dump it over his head and slap him silly. "YOU, SIR, ARE NO MAN!"

I then run like hell.

SMARTBuddy said...

Ive never eaten cottage cheese (quite glad, judging by some of the comments!) but i have eaten more than my fair share of cottage pie.
Great photos again.

Mike said...

I thought cottage cheese was a descriptive term for cellulite.

On a similar story, I once had a girlfriend that made that beeping noise you described (when she backed up).

Also, bunnies are good in stew and in the roasting pan.

Beth said...

Wonderful pictures - and The Duke has a wicked sense of humour!

PrincessPolly said...

Comment comparisons - yep, I'm with you on that! and if I'm still singing that song tomorrow, I'm hunting you down!!!

Abbey said...

How funny. Just last night I was at a meeting where we discussed the construction just outside our development walls. Those who live closest to the wall claim the guys get out there about 6am and just put their trucks in reverse and hang out.

Eve said...

No way of knowing what will generate comments. It's so weird!

Those bomber jackets are hideous! Ew! Sweatshirts are ok though. At least you're not one of those joggers who wears their uni tees. If you are, that's ok though, and I'll put my foot right in my mouth.

I agree about movies, but I notice a tendency in myself to lean into people, or what my close friends and family call 'slant walking.' I literally feel physically pulled towards people. It's odd.

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

I'm glad you're taking time to procrastinate; it's good for you! (and us)

The only problem I've had with Blogger lately is that I'm not recieving comment notifications, which is a pain...

Now I've got to go eat some cottage cheese (with peaches on top) Yum!

eric1313 said...

I could read your posts all day, my friend. I just dig your writing style, and can actually imagine your voice, too. I never said that before because it kinda sounds creepy as hell (me saying it, not your voice), but I feel compelled to do so for some reason.

If you imagine mine, imagine it as deep and too loud, even when I'm trying to be quiet. That's me!

As for cottage cheese, my mom makes a killer health food lasange (sp? not to mention the juxtaposition of 'killer' and 'health food') that uses cottage cheese in one of the layers instead of riccota cheese. It's quite delicious, since the red sauce flavor permeates everything. Other than that... um... no, I don't partake in the chunky semi-spoiled treat.

I loves the phrase "sexy time"! Ali G is not my hero (I don't have one of those), but pretty damn close. I didn't watch it at first, then my little sister Kristen (the 'bad influence' one who I smoke lots of pot with) broke out her DVDs of season one and two during a visit and I was hooked from that point on.

As for fruit salads, yes, more strawberries, less cantloupe. I also dig a sprinkling of sugar on them, which infuriates other people, but like I said before, I have no use for healthy life-style choices. I'm as fit as I'll ever be.


As for issues with blogger, when I'm signed in, I get little edit marks in the lower right corner of all page elements without having to go to the edit page. I can alter anything just by clicking them. But then again, I have a generic template and you have a fancy one, so it might be different.

Well, I have to hit the road and visit my familly. Been fun catching up with you.

Take care, you!