Monday, January 15, 2007

The Daily Pointful Report

What annoyed me today:

Bus drivers who slam on the breaks way too hard, rather than mastering the delicate art of a gradual stop, particularly when I'm standing.

How my apartment is freezing, even with the heat cranked and my block heater pumped (especially because I have to use the electricity that I pay for monthly to heat up my apartment, when my heat is included in the rent).

How pasta sauce loses half its flavour in the process of microwaving.

Finding out that my department is secretely keeping track of all of my supposedly "free" printing, its contents and its cash value, without informing anyone of this change. I feel dirty and spied on! I know I shouldn't have used the department printing to print up my pornographics stills and treatise against the nation (I kid, I kid!).

What entertained me today:

The fact that I said "I'll be back, I just have to slice up these guys" to a lab full of people, and no one batted an eye. Yes, I was talking about using the papercutter for cutting up participant receipts... but still...

What I liked today:

Blogs. I am so enthralled by the novelty of this whole thing that I search for ways to make any observation into a palatable form for blogging purposes.

Sausages *insert bad phallic joke here*. I have been craving maple sausages really badly today, so screw my healthy dining attempts- I'm working sausages into my dinner plans.

Jack Bauer. I get to watch him save the world again tonight. Fuck yeah.

Having my favourite co-worker return. She tends to see the workings of the lab in a very similar way to myself, so it is good to have a sounding board about other less favourite folks and events.


LMizzle said...

I'm sure Mike already made some sausage joke by the time I've read this, so I'll leave that masterpiece to him!

I also hate how pasta sauce loses its flavor in the microwave. I can't find a tomato sauce for my spaghetti that doesn't taste like fucking air by the time I mix and serve.

Instead, I am having Mini Eggs and potato chips! Ha!

Princess Pointful said...

I firmly believe that mini-eggs should be put into a food category on their own or with salt-water taffy. Three servings recommended daily. And real servings, too. None of these "3 mini eggs in one serving, 234 servings per bag crap."

No phallic jokes yet! Mike is letting my blog "blossom" and doesn't want to read it until I've sort of got into the groove of the whole thing. It's kind of good, actually- I don't want to be writing everything with one particular audience member in mind. Better to get a few regulars first!

eric313 said...

Jan 15th was your day.

Your smart sense of humor carries you, as well as the often self depricating nature of your words. And I'd say you found your groove early on, as in from the first post. It all looks and sounds like you do now.

My writing was a freakin' wreck by comparison, when I got started. For about two weeks I floated around, trying to get rid of ideas about reinventing myself--which happened anyway. Maybe you feel the same way. This is your two week mark, and I'll bet you take off from here.

Postwise! :)

It must have been freezing on this day. Detroit isn't much better, so I can identify with that.

Maple sausage... (phallic joke declined) and eggs and pancakes, sometimes with blueberries, sometimes with apple slices in them--and more maple syrup to get on the sausages as well. Just on the maple sausage and the cold weatherWhat is up with that juxtaposition of flavors, the salted meat and sweetened tree sap along with fuffy carbs and protein? Love it, regardless of how it works.

You are an interesting person with a lot to say and a way with words. You would have made an excellent English/Lit major.

Princess Pointful said...

Eric- I was confused for a moment, as I thought your response was to my most recent post, many days post January 15th.

It is nice to see that these earlier posts are getting a little TLC. I had a few sparks in here that remained pretty isolated.

Your comments do, in all honesty, mean a lot. I used to write rather passionately, and it feels very refreshing, in all honesty, to know that it hasn't been snuffed out- and to have another hobby return!

eric313 said...

The weird "just on the cold weather and maple sausage..." blurb was actually going to say that you seem very down to earth, and decidedly Canadian. Thats not bad.

Michigan is like a long lost province. My sister was born in London, Ontario and she's a dual citizen. Me? I get to say I remember Tennessee rather well. That's about it. I don't even have a little southern accent or anything cool like that, though southern accents and urban accents are the same, I feel. Most Detroit resident's families migrated from the south, anyway, thus proving the connection. Actually, I'm probably developing that Great Lakes regional accent--which is really a canadian accent--we commonly call it the Youper accent (upper peninsula, or U.P., folks are called Youpers), and it's even recognized as a dialect descending from Finnish/Norwegian/Germanic/French/ influences. A linguistics student recently did the first disertation on it in Michigan history last year.

Woa, I'm like totally boring! I should go to bed soon, but I have to read a bit more to get sleepy.

eric313 said...

Oh! You found me! Cool!

I thought this would be a surprise one day!

Princess Pointful said...

I find it odd that Michigan and Ontario are separate by something so clearly geographic as a lake- as though a lake transcends culture!

Although I can certainly say this is the first I've heard of Youpers...

But go and read more of my musings and let them lull you to sleep. Sweet dreams!

Princess Pointful said...

Haha, sorry, I get email notifications when I get new comments.
You confused me with the quote of the day one, though, since I have so many posts with that title.