Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Daily Pointful Report

What annoyed me today

My boots' powers of osmosis. Yeah, it was pretty snowy, so they probably weren't the best choice, and it is fair enough that any boots that pretty don't really keep water out. However, is it really reasonable for them to suck water in? How did my boots become a sponge?

The guy wearing a "Save a horse, ride a cowboy" shirt on the bus this afternoon. You have to be drunk to consider that shirt even mildly entertaining. Wearing it in broad daylight on public transit is a very bad choice. Unless he was drunk. Then it would have been a stellar choice!

My lack of coordination. Should putting away my bus pass, closing my umbrella, turning on my iPod, dodging passengers, and staying sturdy on a bus really be that complex? (okay, it so does seem complex when I put it that way-- but it really isn't for anyone but me. Even walking and drinking coffee at the same time is far above my level.)

Hipster mullets. I don't care how ironic you think you are by reclaiming the haircut of the exploted redneck. By virtue of your "party in the back", I will assume that you fantasize about doing your sister on top of a Nascar race car.

Snow afternoons. I want to clearly distinguish this from snow days. Snow days are glorious. You wake up, look out the window to see the trees drenched in untouched snow, and manage to somehow get word before you've left the house that work/school is cancelled. So you spend the day drinking hot chocolate and watching an entire season of Arrested Development in yours PJs. You may put on your snow pants over your PJs to frolick in the snow.
Snow afternoons mean that you have already made it to your destination, likely soaked and cold. You try to be productive, but most of the day is spent pondering as to whether things will close, given the rising mounds of snow outside. Then, in one telling second, the decision is made to close down the university/your bus route/the mall. Hopefully you get wind of this in time to avoid being stranded (like I was for 4 hours last week!!). However, even if you do hear about it in time, you will have to contend with more wet feet, shitty drivers, huge line-ups to get on the bus, and only being half done any projects.

What pleased me today

Hot chocolate. Enough said.

The guy wearing a "don't mess with Texas" t-shirt on the bus this morning. At first, I was appalled at the giant flag emblazoned across his chest. But when I saw the lettering, I was sold.

National Geographic podcasts. I just discovered them today, and they are heaven for this geek girl. I downloaded one about the hunting habits of the meerkat! Can you picture these critters hunting anything?

Grimace. You perplex me by your inability to fit into any valid category of animal (though I was briefly convinced your were an animated eggplant), yet you entertaining me to no end by your bumbling ways.

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