Friday, January 19, 2007

Quote of the day

"Having a hundred answers to a questions is the same as having none."

(I should make it clear that the quotes of the day are not necessarily Pointful Originals(TM). In this particular case, the quote came from a very intriguing talk I just attended entitled "The Globalization of Addiction"~ something I may expand upon if I find the time!)


Ant said...

That's a good quote - I answered a question recently that just rambled on for fecking ages, going at all these different tangents. At the end of the monologue I realised that the truthful answer was in fact: "I don't know".

Isn't addiction a global phenomenon already?

Princess Pointful said...

Exactly. "Answers" are easy to come by. The real answer and associated solutions... not so much.

The whole notion of the talk was not whether addiction has become global (which it definitely has!), but rather that addiction was being fostered by the whole process of globalization. Part of it looked at how, when cultures are decimated (often as a result of economic pressures, such as a case where a Native village was flooded to make way for a tremendous dam), they often turn to addictive substances as a way of regaining a life, considering that they just lost theirs. He also argued that, by virtue of trends such as individualism, people are losing touch with their cultures, senses of self-- several of these core to their notion of their "life"- and end up using substances in a similarly substitutive fashion.

Haha- now I don't need to blog about it! I don't know if that paragraph makes sense- it is a pretty complex idea that I am working on understanding, plus it is 2:30am and I've had a few drinks!