Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ghetto Inn


Just a quick hello from the wireless equipped lobby of what has been officially dubbed Ghetto Inn in Memphis!
Ah, the joys of a grad student budget.

Very long day. Despite the fact that I have pretty much done nothing but sit on my ass all day (drive to Seattle, fly to Minneapolis, fly to Memphis, taxi to Ghetto Inn, etc), I am exhausted and feel vaguely slimy.

Minneapolis had a snowmobile arcade ride in it's airport and a vending machine dedicated to the Minnesota State Fair. That's all I had the time to observe!

Memphis looks to be a pretty interesting place. People alternate between some of the friendliest ever (our waiter and one cab driver) and ridiculously rude (other cab driver and trolley driver who thought my questions could be answered by some very expressive grunts). Downtown is full of really old buildings, some dilapidated and some beautiful. I'm just kind of excited to be somewhere so out of my element.

We've only got one Canadian joke so far- someone said we forgot to say "eh" when they heard us talk about being from Canada. *groan*

Anyways, I am too tired to be witty (humour me and pretend that you think I usually am witty). Hopefully more to come!


Ant said...

*Begin humouring*

You are usually very witty.

*End humouring*


Is it a bad-ass Ghetto Inn then?

LMizzle said...

You should play that "Walkin' in Memphis" song while you're there! I love that song!

Canadian jokes....those motherfuckers!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Ha ha ha ha haaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, Thats so witty!!!!!!!!!!

(how was that?)

Princess Pointful said...

Very good humouring, folks. I'm impressed.

Every "eh" that accidentally slipped out of my mouth was immediately jumped on!

John said...

Canadian jokes? Tell em to FECK OFF! I love Canada! AND I've got the best beanie hat from Whistler. Hopefully my next destination upon leaving the UK!


Princess Pointful said...

And wear that beanie with pride, John!!!
Have you ever been here before, or was it a gift from abroad?