Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cupid converted me!

Okay, Ant, you win.

It turns out that my boyfriend's lack of belief in Valentine's Day, which I accepted, and even started to endorse, was but an elaborate ruse.
I thought we weren't even going to see each other yesterday, but he actually snuck to campus and surprised me in my lab during my break... with a spa gift certificate!

But I don't fully revoke my claims, as I still believe that surprise = romance (well, in most cases. A surprise dousing in cole slaw does not count in this equation).
This was way better than a planned dinner accompanied by life sized teddy bear, plus an extra nice surprise, as I had just planned to spend the night doing homework.



Ant said...

Excellent! Please pass on a virtual high-five and a chest-bump to your fella...

Despite your protestations, he didn't listen to the fickle and irrational spoutings of the female mind, and as a result, everyone's a winner. The boy done good... :o)

LMizzle said...

He always comes though :)

Princess Pointful said...

Ant... yes, he certainly has done good. He knows when to listen to my spoutings and when to ignore them completely- quite the talent!

Lmizzle- He sure does :)

eric1313 said...

Glad to here it--as said earlier, my VD (sounds extra gross when said like that!!!) evening's height waa when I smoked a joint with a table of girls at the bar. After they were closed, of course--I know some damn cool bars, let me tell you, and the bartenders love me, pour me another drink when the uncools have been ushered out and I reciprocate by occasionally producing a "left-handed Marlboro", whicj I pass around. Then a girl I met invited me back to her place for coffee. Yay! Then never called me back and I forgot about her. No use getting all broke up over a one nighter, especially if it only kind of depressed me.

Damn--there goes my rambling again. Be cool, Princess. I posted again this morning, so hope to see you soon.