Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Extra, extra: Mr. Self-Disclosure lacks Self-Reflection Abilities

In class today, another student brought up that there are some people who over-disclose about their relationships.

Mr. Self-Disclosure starts laughing hysterically, saying "I know those people!"

No, you are those people.


LMizzle said...

I love it! Someone should have laughed at him.

Ant said...

Ah, the poetry of life - brilliant!

eric1313 said...

Hope I didn't over disclose--it would be a shame if I destroyed my own mystique by speaking of some of the inspirations in my love life/ruins of said love life.

I have a saying(in regards to writing): "Some things you put on the plate, and others you keep as the fire."

Waiting for you to post new musings, so I'm reading a couple more of your older musings.

Hope your weekend was a good one. You seem busy--It's those damn 800--900 level courses, isn't it? As well as checking papers for psych 101, I'd bet.