Monday, February 19, 2007

Shiny happy thoughts

It may be because I now have an outlet for such things that I often get the sense that my blogs may look slightly bipolar-- either very broody and focused on larger somewhat depressing issues or all happy and flighty and giggly.

So I wanted to say a few more substantial good things that have happened lately so one doesn't get the impression that I am just a two-sided Princess.

#1 good thing- I just found out this weekend that I got accepted to a summer institute in Texas, so it looks as though I will be spending two or three weeks in the Lonestar State, very possibly heading down there on my own, which is exciting, and meeting a bunch of other grad students, which is also exciting. As I've said in previous posts, I always look forward to the opportunity to travel anywhere remotely novel. I've also heard that Austin is quite the lively city with a really interesting counterculture.

#2 good thing- The boy and I are escaping out of town next weekend. We're just going a few hours today, but it's our first trip together, so it should be lovely. I'm also happy to forceably take a holiday since I am in one of unfortunately Reading Break free schools.

#3 good thing, which I just found out a few seconds ago- Regina Spektor is finally playing a show in Vancouver!!! Hells yeah!

#4 good thing- Along with the few publications we're working on, my supervisor offered me co-authorship on a chapter, which is looks even better on the CV.

#5 good thing (getting more petty)- I just got a pretty new cell phone that won't run out of batteries in less than a day!

#6 good thing (utterly petty)- 24 is on tonight, and it looks like Jack is going to confront a certain evil bastard.

See... life isn't so bad, is it??
Silly ruminations!!


Dorky Dad said...

You watch 24? I've watched it since Season One ... it's one of two shows I watch.

I'm still trying to get over the fact that there was no torture scene tonight ...

Ant said...


Physician heal thyself!

LMizzle said...

I got a new cell too! It's pretty glorious now that I don't have to plug it in every day!!!

Princess Pointful said...

Dorky Dad- Thanks for dropping by! I am a 24 addict, which is funny because I am actually not a big TV person either. Maybe a lack of torture for an hour or so is a good thing, so we can get excited again about Jack screaming "Tell. Me. Where. The. Bomb. Is." while someone dangles a scary looking syringe of "neuroinflammatory" nearby.
Quite the ending, though!

Ant- I'm working on it. I've always felt a bit of a draw to at least experience mania once- for purely academic purposes.

Lmizzle- Coolness!! Mine is all pretty and pink!