Monday, March 26, 2007


It's funny how you have to put up walls for people to want to get past them in the first place.


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Where's the fun in getting into a safe if someone has just left the door open?

Depends what's inside, I suppose.

All the coolest stuff is hidden behind walls. (Except in Child Safety Info-mercials)

I'm rambling again..

Beth said...

Some people need the challenge of barriers.

And some feel the need to test others.

iFreud said...

Ironically - this is SO true...! It is even more interesting to recognize one's own boundaries and how they affect others.

John said...

I like my walls. They keep me safe. And no head shrinkerererer is going to try breaking them down!


Princess Pointful said...

Ultra- I think we actually often miss some of the best stuff because it is too obvious.

Beth- Very true about both. And we're all very suspicious of those who seem to have none.

iFreud- It is an odd thing when you suddenly become consciously aware of this type of thing. Almost a weird power you weren't even aware of...

John- Whoa, whoa, defensive much? ;)
You see, now I want to figure you out even more!

eric1313 said...

That's all part of it--the lure that begins the chase. We all do it.

Isn't it strange that sometimes when all barriers between two individuals are broken down, the relationship loses its zest?

Mysytery is important. I think that was why my "you have to keep them guessing" poem last week worked as well as it did.