Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lesson of the day

If you weren't already convinced of the awesomeness that is the meerkat... they dine on poisonous scorpions, as they are immune to their poison.

Cute and badass!


Ant said...

There's a documentary on sunday evenings over here called Meerkat Manor, narrated by Bill Nighy. I always seem to end up watching it whilst eating my dinner and it is so engrossing it's not true...

However, though they are undoubtedly cute, they also freak me out a little - the scorpion eating thing just adds to that...

LMizzle said...

Lady, you just blew my mind!!!

Eve said...


We have Meerkat Manor too, but I prefer Big Cat Diaries because, let's face it, there's nothing more badass than a humongous and growling lion.

Indiana James said...

Those things are pretty kick ass. I'm also pretty partial to mongooses... mongeese... mongloids... no wait those are something else... Whatever, the fight cobras and win. Now that's bad ass.

Dorky Dad said...

Man, I wish I could eat scorpions.

Oh, wait. No I don't.

Princess Pointful said...

Ant- I've heard of Meerkat Manor! It makes me loathe the fact that I do not have Animal Planet... I don't think I would get anything done, though, if I did.

Lmizzle- Don't thank me... thank the Meerkat!

Eve- Big cat diaries?!?! You just blew my mind!

Indy J- I actually read somewhere that meerkats are a type of mongoose! So now you can love them as well!

Dorky D- Even in sandwich form??

eric1313 said...


And they do that cute standing-up-human-like thing, too!


(Kidding--I'm not so tired as to be flaking out! Just caffeine hypernated) (and making up words)

(and over-doing parenthetical references)

(I hope that's not a sign of nutzophrenia) (or whackonoia, either)

my word varification is inutz!