Thursday, March 22, 2007

She listens!

I am doing the least Princess-like thing ever and ditching town tomorrow!

... okay, it is not quite as rebellious as it may look, considering I worked like mad today to finish a presentation to get it off my plate, and I am planning to spend a good proportion of my time there huddled over a laptop to finish a paper.

But, still... it is a good step on the way to taking care of myself, right?
My mother is actually thrilled. I told her that it may not be the most responsible thing for me to do, and she said "Good!" and basically told me that, with all that has been going on in my world lately, the more responsible thing to do right now is to take some time for me, rather than continuing working my ass off. Plus, this is the only plausible time to do this in the next little while, what with final exams, the ethics qualifying exam, moving, my first conference talk, etc, etc.

Anyways, I'm joining the Duke a few hours away, where he is at a conference. I just want to feel a distance between me and everything else. It probably won't be much of a real holiday, in technical terms, but I'm hoping it will feel a little like one.


Ant said...


Enjoy it - you are under orders not to stress about the work... :o)

LMizzle said...

Enjoy! :0)

Indiana James said...

get on out there with your good self.