Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Some thoughts while on the second coffee of the day

Lest you found me a little too chipper last night, Spring Fever dropped off like a lead weight. I woke up today to more rain and snow. I think maybe the weather gods are taunting me a little-- getting me all giddy, only to watch my mood drop upon stepping out into the rivers of water running down the sidewalk.

*Princess shakes her fist up at the weather gods above her*


Pet peeve of the day: People who stand/sit so close to you on the bus that you're touching the entire ride. I'm not offended if you brush against me when we go around a corner, or even if we are unfortunately wedged in together like sardines given rush hour. But my claustrophobia and ick factor go up really high when you stand so close behind me that our backs are pressed together the entire time (when there really is room for another 3 inches of space) or, even better, when a guy does the extreme male sitting stance beside me, such that his legs are stretched out so widely apart as to cross way past my personal bubble. Do you not noticed that we're touching and I am gritting my teeth for the entire bus ride?
After hearing about frotteurism, I think some of them may notice. Uck.


The landlady for the apartment I looked at this weekend called me yesterday asking if I was still interested in the apartment, and tried to convince me that the massive apartment building being built directly behind the house would not be an inconvenience.
Apparently I wasn't the only one who didn't buy that. Despite the fact that there had been a lot of people viewing the apartment in the half hour I was there, and she had claimed she would make a decision very soon, the ad was back on craigslist last night. Makes me feel a bit better about my decision-- apparently I wasn't the only one feeling apprehensive.

On the apartment front, I am so pre-stressing myself out. The prices in this city really drive me crazy. Just yesterday I saw a 350 square foot apartment (aka the size of a closet!) with a murphy bed (aka. bed that fold from the wall) advertised for $1000 a month! What some people will do to live in the right area of town...
It depresses me a little when I think of how, paying double the amount my first apartment cost, I still won't be able to get anything close to the size of that first place. How did inflation take over so drastically, considering I only moved out on my own around 6 years ago?


Wine gums are the candy of the day! Yummmmmmy.


John said...

I hate the underground at the best of times. Never again will I ride the tube in rush hour in case someone frotteurises against me! That's disgusting!

Although the large photo of winegums has eased the grossness...especially the black one. You can keep the yellow ones though.

Princess Pointful said...

Ha! Frotterizes is my new favourite word!

Really... you don't like the yellow ones? They are in the middle of the pack for me. Green clearly dominates.

eric1313 said...

Winegums? I'm indifferent to them, though I don't discriminate against them based on color. That would be wrong...

There are many guys who don't mind getting groped for whatever probably obvious reason. I'm not one of them. It always surprises the piss out of me, and I've had girls that did so react like there is something wrong with me when I turn around with a horrified look on my face. (you know, the underhand satchel goose maneuver) (maybe you don't know)

Maybe there is something wrong with me. I'm a bit on the post-traumatic stress side. I have to know someone very well not to react that way.

But is that a healthy attitude for women in general to foster? Absolutely not! I hate to say this, but if somebody they did not find attractive groped them, I'm certain that person would face legal repercussions.

That's what bothers me about some modern criminal sexual behaviors; their often selective and hypocritical nature is such a sham and devalues everything that actual victims have fought for.

I once walked into my work place, and a girl I worked who had issues with being harassed verbally at work not even three weeks earlier, had her hands on two different guys asses, not just groping but verbally comparing their various qualities.

I laughed and she turned around. She asked me if I wanted to be checked next. I right away told her that there is a reason why she got no respect from anyone. The other girls there agreed, and even the guys she was groping turned and told her I had a point and laughed at her.

Very disturbing, even though at at one point had a work-crush on said girl. Disappointing, actually, because I had also went to bat for her and was the only guy to corroborate her story of being harassed to our management. I only worked there a month or so longer.

Two things come to mind: a paraphrasing of Hemingway, "the world is a depressing place and not worth fighting for."*
Either you have morals or you don't.

That's all I have to say about that, as Forrest G. would say.

*"The world is a wonderful place, and worth fighting for."
--E Hemingway.
(No wonder he blew his own head off, believing such tripe could only lead one to a grisly end.)

Hemingway also can be quoted to have said: "the most noble thing that a man can do is to cut off his lower head and blow of his upper head"
He actually said that in an interview with his former newspaper, the Kansas City Star! Craziness!

Once again, I'm on a huge tangent. Thanks for listening, Princess. You're like my impromptu shrink. Sorry!

eric1313 said...

btw--Is frotteurism the Neologism?

Anyway, I'm passing out early tonight, so have some good dreams for yourself.

It just occurred to me to ask.
And don't worry about answering me back (except if i nailed The Neologism! I know it is one of them--this one neologism is a hard one to find...).

It was good just to talk above, yesterday night. To disclose i guess you'd say, where nobody sees it, I probably shouldn't have, but we don't always have the luxury to talk to people. I know you from well afar and you are right; there is a level of comfort with somebody who one will not see.

I'll be back to read some time. I don't have too many issues to dig up, anymore, just that one I spoke of.

Take care, Princess.
Peace out.

eric1313 said...

Frotteurism is a real word? Drat! Your Wiki link claimed Schizophrenia was a neologism.

I'm still on the hunt.

And I'll read your real post in a second, I have a giant plate of chicken broccoli alfredo to conquer. Just logged on--priorities, right?!?