Thursday, April 5, 2007

And how did your long weekend kick off?

Mine certainly kicked off with the proverbial bang... but not the good kind! (take that as you will!)

Today, I realized several hours after buying lunch, that in the madness that is the cafeteria lunch rush, the cashier had never given me back my debit card (that or it somehow was eaten between her hand and my wallet). I dashed back to the cafeteria, where she was still working, waited in line... and she wouldn't even look to see if the card was there. She just stared at me, as I slowly panicked, and said, without an iota of empathy, "We don't have it." Even when I explained it couldn't be anywhere else. Even when I asked her to look by her till. Even when I asked if there was a lost and found. As a result, I had to cancel my card, leave campus early, and go to the bank to go through the ID-checking process of getting a new card before things shut down for the long weekend.

Fresh new debit card in hand, I scurry off to town to get the Duke a few last minute presents, as we were initially planning a trip out of town on me, but we decided to hold off because of the weather, leaving me giftless. I managed to get him an array of things (including an awesome shirt that depicts all the animals from Noah's crashed ark on a life raft, except for a poor drowning unicorn!). He texted me to say he was grabbing dinner with some friends, and in looking for somewhere to get a bite to eat, I came across a Dairy Queen, and had what seemed a brilliant epiphany at the time: NINJA TURTLE ICE CREAM CAKE! (in honour of the movie I despised and he adored)

I go in, get the cake, and call a cab. I wait on hold for 5 minutes, and then the operator tells me they will be there shortly.
Not so much, as I wait about 20 minutes, with my ice cream cake slowly melting. I get fed up, and decide I'm going to walk back to the Duke's place. About a or two block away, I realize this is a very bad idea, as his place is about 12 blocks away, and I am struggling with a whole whack of shopping bags, and an ice cream cake that needs both of my arms to support.
I am actually contemplating leaving this beautiful creation on the sidewalk, when the nicest cab driver ever happens to drive by. Just in time to save the sugary, icey goodness.

The Duke should be back any minute now, and, dammit, he better appreciate it.
I really need a drink.


Beth said...

I hope the "Duke" does appreciate all you did. I'm certainly impressed!

The debit card thing? How utterly frustrating. And the cashier sounds like a piece of work. I might have ditched my "nice" persona and let her have it...

The Little Student said...

Aww, I hope he realizes how sweet it was of you to go so far out of your way!

By the way, I probably would have yelled at the debit card lady. Good job keeping your cool.

Jocelyn said...

What a pain, starting with the debit card and ending with the cake. But, man, an ice cream cake is good. Duke BETTER be grateful, and then some.

The Duke said...

Turns out I didn't.

Pout 4 eva



Ze Dukester

Indiana James said...

If I were you, I would have given that cashier a piece of my mind or at least personally ensured that the bad cycle of karma came their way quicker than it would have on its own. : P

Duke better have taken you out for at least a drink after all the effort, mind you he'd have to know how much effort it took exactly, so hopefully he reads your posts.

John said...
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John said...

You've been "Awarded"! Recent post for the full story...

Princess Pointful said...

Thanks for your endorsement of my anger! I'm thinking a complaint to the manager of the cafeteria is in order.

Despite his saucy reply, the Duke did really appreciate the cake. He drunkenly ate the faces off all the turtles in an attempt to absorb their powers.

And much thanks for the award, John!

The Butterfly Bar said...


Did you ever get that drink?!?

It's all about priorities...


Better yet--did Duke get to absorb the finer points of ninjitsu?