Monday, April 9, 2007



Much thanks to the ever-so-charming John, who tagged me as a Thinking Blogger, apparently primarily due to my educating him in the ways of Canadian currency.

Apparently, the rules are that I have to name five blogger who make me think.

However, I am going to ask to abstain from this process for a period of time (I'm up for suggestions as to what exact period!).

The reason?
Perhaps it is by virtue of the lovely blog crowd I run with, but a good proportion of my favourite and regularily-read blogs have already received such an award. Though there are certainly others on my blogroll that qualify (I was going to provide links to a few of my favourites, but then I realized that you aren't on the blogroll if you don't make me think, so I suggest some of you meander over there if you are searching for a good read), it is starting to feel a bit too much like a popularity contest, so I think some distance is needed to make it really about the blog content for me.

Not that I'm not thrilled to be officially declared popular.


Ant said...

That's exactly why I didn't participate in the meme in the end - though you totally would have been nominated if I had... :o)


The Butterfly Bar said...

Hooray for the big brain on Dr. Princess Pointful! But we already knew that you're smrt. :)

Princess Pointful BA (or is a psych bachelor's BS, hmmm?;), MA, PhD. It's like you have your very own alphabet following you around.
(yeah, I'm in rare form tonight... er, this morning.)

Of course you're totally popular. You're smrt and a sweetheart, thoughtful and yet you have a saucy streak that you repress--though you shouldn't! I thoroughly enjoy your icompany, even if it's just past tense, like it is back here in your bygone musings.

You love to read and to write (very well, too), to see things and learn hands on, to travel off the beaten path of life and find the little details and nooks and tidal pools for yourself. You love music, drinking and friendly madness. You read poetry--very endearing, that...! And you're a hockey fan.

How awesome is all that? How rare, too. That how is not a question, but a statement. Maybe Canada is overflowing with awesome, smart women with enough personality for three of their American counterparts, but Michigan is not. Some may be pretty, but that's just a shallow detail that means so very little. Whenever I talk to people, I leave more depressed than when I entered the conversation, more often than not.

The people in your life are lucky to have you.

Was this too much?

Of course not!

Wasn't that round of poems that Sing and I had going just amazing? I'm so glad whenever I can get writing like that. It helps me so much. Writing as therapy may be questionable--sometimes, we dig up more than we can answer, so if a person is really trying to use it as such, they should be doing so with the guidance of a shrink, unless they know what they're doing. But writing itself, creation, the expression of a talent, that's what I love. Whether I'm playing my guitar or writing verse or a short story, or just thinking about a novel or how to execute writing a movie, I love it. Lots of writers hate the process, but I relish it.

Again, your ear is a wonderful thing to have. No, not have like Van Gogh, silly... Kidding. I'm the silly one tonight. But just to be able to ramble like this. It's its own unique luxury.

Look--my spelling and usage have cleared up, too! Hooray for me!

Have yourself a sweet, sweet dream.

I'll get back to everyone's comments at my site in a sec. And answer you back. What was that comment? I'm kidding. My spirit is infectious lately, so I understand what you meant.

Catch you later, Princess.

peace and all that jazz