Thursday, April 5, 2007

Come to me, creativity! *beckons wildly*

I guess this is the sign than my blog and I are getting past our honeymoon stage.

I used to have ideas readily flowing most days. Though I wouldn't quite conceive of what is happening as writer's block, given that I have been doing a fair amount of writing and such pursuits externally, I have been a little more stumped than usual this past week or so.

However, I am fighting the urge to resort to the diary post!

Though I (obviously) do write about my day-to-day life, I prefer to be simply inspired by an idea or something specific. It just feels too prototypical and reminiscent of four hour long phone conversations as a teenager to subject you all to the detailed goings on of my life... what I did, who I saw, what they said. I would rather go off on a tangent about one specific comment in an evening than report back every single one.

Nonetheless, I will bring you a smattering of highlights of the past few days:

Finishing the coursework for my first semester as a PhD student!

After the prof specifically said "I don't want people to be self-disclosing here....", Mr. Self-Disclosure unapologetically breaking right into a self-disclosure.

Learning of the word "masterbatorium" from the film Running with Scissors (side note- entertaining movie, but about a half hour too long. And they weren't really doing psychoanalysis, just dropping buzz words, like anal stage and projection)

Getting to visit a big soft-drink bottling plant (a friend works there, and he took me there to stock up on boxes for the move). I felt myself regressing by virtue of the excitement of massive conveyor belts, enormous cylinders, and tubes running all over the place. It is just so damn cool to find out how stuff is made!

Oh, and it is now officially the Duke's 25th birthday! Wooo!

(Now that we're the same age, you can stop calling me a decrepid cougar, ok?)


The Duke said...

I'll stop calling you a cougar when you touch the Iguana's waddle.

AND we may both be 25, but you are, like, 3 months older than me!

Abbey said...

I literally just watched Running with Scissors. I was so not enthralled. However, I forgot about the masterbatorium reference, and that was pretty entertaining.

As well as the line to the effect of: "She claims Freud died of a tumor, I think Freud died of being under a laundry basket for 4 days without food or water.:

eric1313 said...

I've heard the novel is so good, so I've avoided seeing the movie just because.

However, I still don't have the novel, either.

And I like your forays into metafictional blogging--blogging that is acutely aware of it's stus as blogging. Sure, most people do that to an extent, and even do it well, but you're always the master of the self-incisive wit. That's what makes it work.

That's a sweat bearded dragon!

I think it's a bearded dragon.

I could be all wrong.

That's nothing new.

eric1313 said...

Acutely aware of it's status as blogging...

I'm never going to be cool until I proof read every time...