Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hockey and packing tape

I had a post planned about the failure of good moving karma to generalize to me.

But the Canucks are in TRIPLE OVERTIME!
And I am very sleepy, but determined to see this thing to the end.

Playoff hockey is a good thing when moving, actually. It provides the perfect distraction from wrapping mug after mug in newspaper and figuring out what utensil best fills the gap between my casserole dish and my cookie jar. Yesterday I had to do so to Sex and the City reruns, and like most women my age, I'd seen each episode at least twice.

That's right, boys, I like Sex and the City and hockey.


For some reason, despite already having generated nearly two large boxes of thrift store junk (why did I ever think a blue shag tank top was a good idea, and, even more telling, why didn't I get rid of it the last three times I moved?), I insist on hanging onto my enormous platform shoes that I will likely never wear again. Maybe because I got mad at my mom for throwing hers away, and my maternal instinct is coming through. However, it became clear how long I'd been since I'd worn them when, after I pulled them out of the back of my closet, I noticed that a baby spider made a web between the heel.


I'm going for a massage tomorrow! After much holding out for the "perfect occasion", I decided to use half of my Valentine's Day spa gift certificate. I figured, with moving slowly straining my muscles, which are also strained by the stress of this month (moving, ethics orals and my first conference presentation?! What was I thinking?), this was as good of a time as any. Mmmmm.... should be scrumptious.


And you know what is ridiculous? Those stupid faucets that need to held constantly in order to keep the water on. Seriously, who came up with those? They are the least intuitive thing ever. You can't have both hot and cold water at once, and have to do some serious hand contortions to try to wash the soap off your own hand.


Holy Christ... we're going into quadruple overtime! We're almost in the top ten of the longest games ever!


Ant said...

SATC and hockey?

That must be a Canadian-guy thing... :o)

Agree about the faucets though - hate them soooo much...

iFreud said...

I know what you mean about hanging onto stuff. It wasn't until I was facing a monumental move that I finally gave up my florescent pink dress from 1993. Sad, I know. I just kept remembering - but I LOVED that dress, it was soooo cool! I saw Hole in that dress....

In the bag it went, in hopes that someone else would love it the way I did. Now, I try to keep on top of the closet with a quarterly clean out.

Psych-o by now said...

I see Vancouver won you must be very happy. I have seen the Canucks play live on many occasions however I am still a born and raised Habs/Flames fan.

Beth said...

Congrats to your Canucks.
I'm still in mourning over the Leafs. Takes me a while to get over their yet-another-losing-a-playoff-spot season and then I choose another team to root for.
Canucks or the Flames?

LMizzle said...

WHAT ARE THESE CRAZY FAUCETS?! That sounds insane! The faucets in my bathroom actually have TWO handles and TWO pipes where the water comes out. One for hot, one for cold. Either you wash off your hands in freezing cold water, wash them off with steaming hot, or do the magic hand switcharoo to fool your hands into thinking they are receiving normal temperature!

Indiana James said...

You had me at hockey. :P

The Duke said...

Sex and the City sucks. That show is so unbelievable.

What man would stick in SJP?!

eric1313 said...

Hockey! Oh yeah, baby. Sorry that my Wings trounced your Canucks so often... ;)

Did you love how Chris Chelios would go out and bow and wave at all the people booing and throwing garbage at him? I laughed so much at that. At least he wasn't afraid to give Bertuzzi a face wash.

I couldn't believe it when we got Bertuzzi. I thought it was a bad idea right from the get go. Lo and behold, he's not a Wing anymore... go figure. There's a few wings that need to retire, too. Hasek needs to hang it all up, so does Chelios. But especially Hasek. He just ruins our hopes at the last minute every time with his damnable groin injuries.

But I like Sex and the City, too. That is a funny combo, huh?

Well, funny for me, awesome for you.

And by the way, Singleton extended an invitation to you to join in our porch parties. It's on the comments for the Five O'Clock poem. So if you ever happen upon us while we are in one of our dueling poets write-athons, chime in and party with us! No need to wish, just write a line, the first one that comes to your head, and don't even worry abou it. We'll bounce off of what you say, and you'll see that and react well, I'm certain.

You'll be amazed at how it affects your creativity. I am. Oh, and we have a wonderful poem up at the Butterfly Bar. It's sad, but you would dig it. For sure.

Anyway, take care, Dr. Pointful.
Sweet dreams to you.

eric1313 said...

Hey! Got you note.

If we write anytime soon, I'll come by and drop a note back here to let you know what's up. Even if you come by just to drop some lines for like a half hour or something, it's amazing fun and really gets the creative powers going. Plus, we devolve into chatter quite often, anyway. Sing's funny and sweet by turns--and as you see, her poetic voice is crazy unique. So much to learn from her.

There's a few people who are invited, but they rarely show. Usually, it's just me and Singleton writing back and fourth, but sometimes her sister is there, too, but it's been awhile.

Maybe sunday or monday. we'll start between eight and ten and all those poems get wrote in an hour, sometimes two. Time flies when you're having fun, and midnight comes around awfully fast.

So, just think of one cool line or two, nothing measured out to much, nothing spectacular, and watch the idea grow out of control. You'll be amazed at how infectious the creative spirit.

Sorry about the snotty Wing's fan jingoism. I know--we prove that you can't buy a Stanly Cup, more often than we win one.

But at least you have Zetterberg in your hockey pool... you see the light, and it's a garish red color.

Sleep tight, Princess, I'll talk to you tomorrow, if you're around. I know how the grad student blues is for you, so 'til the next time we meet, regardless of when.

Oh, and the award thing--you are a real writer! Don't give me that other bull! Look at how much care you put into not wasting a single word or phrase in all of your posts. Look at how funny and smart you are. Don't dis your writing--at least not around me!

eric1313 said...

You're three hours behind us, right? I'll keep that in mind so as not to ask you too early. It ought to be good--when you turn your attention to your own writing after a poetry porch party, the ideas will just flow. You'll love it!