Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Home sweet home

I am officially moved into my new suite!!
Although I slept here last night as well, today was the day I officially bid Takes-Itself-Too-Seriously-Apartments adieu. Apparently I was not the only one- two other suites, making up a full sixth of the building, were also vacated today. No wonder BBM is continually grumpy-- though, perhaps just to thwart me, or perhaps because other people were around, she was overly warm and fuzzy during my apartment inspection.

A few other things I've learned over the past few days:

Quirky and interesting in an apartment also means inconvenient. Though I was certainly tired of cookie-cutter white walled apartments, they do have certain benefits, like helpfully placed electrical outlets and fans in the bathroom and kitchen. I love my new little character suite with its slanted floors in the hallway and random little nooks (the inside of my closet has a doorknob and the knob to turn on my shower is from a closet handle) -- but it certainly makes for difficulties in logical unpacking.

I have way too many coffee mugs.

I hearby resolve to actually make waffles, having had a waffle-iron for too long to justify the lack of breakfasty goodness.

My bed frame is evil. Moving that beast took several hours yesterday, and the twelve billion allen keys I accummulated from Ikea apparently all went missing. We had to leave it on the front yard for a while while we found the tools to take it apart. My narcisstic decision 7 months ago to buy a queen sized bed because "it only cost $50 more" also wasn't the widest decision-- but I still love to sleep diagonally.

My sofa is my bed frame's slightly less evil cousin, as we were able to get it through one doorway without problems.

It is a bad idea to try to show off to your father and boyfriend that you can carry a coffee table all by oneself-- especially when you forgets to take out an unattached heavy piece, and it promptly comes crashing down on your right foot, leaving you unable to walk for some time and with a lovely fushia coloured big toe.

And the Duke is my hero for being such a stoic mover (psst... even my dad was impressed!)


LMizzle said...

It's always frightened me how strong he is...it's like something from The Hulk!

Indiana James said...

sounds like the joyous time my roommate and I had leaving our university town... when we moved out though, we nearly tore the place apart moving our seemingly 3 tonne sofa bed out of the place. our land lord wasn't sorry to see us go.

Beth said...

Success! Done! Or is it? Have you unpacked everything?
Quirky is so much more charming than one-style-fits-all. You'll adapt - and love it.
(Get rid of some of those coffee mugs now - I swear, they breed...)

Airam said...

Woohoo for moving into a sweet pad!

eric1313 said...

Hooray for stoic movers!

And I hope you are well on your way back to the real world from dreamland.

Take care!