Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Quote of the day

...And then you could write a tell-all book entitled "Mr. Clean... or Mr. Dirty?"

~Discussing with my sister how she could find out the secret of what makes Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers so fabulous-- by becoming Mr. Clean's concubine


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Do it.

Mr Clean looks more manly than the english equivalent - Mr. Muscle, who is is a nerdy skinny guy responsible for advertising the eponymous product.

I bet there's some horrific dirt on him.

Ant said...

I was about to draw the very same comparison that toast has, Mr Clean looks like a man that has a closet-full of "cleaning" secrets...

LMizzle said...

I love those sponges, and I have no idea how they work!

Indiana James said...

What if Mr. Clean was a little too squeaky clean and didn't have a need for a female concubine?

iFreud said...

Damn, Mr. Clean kinda scares me... Any man that obsessed with cleanliness frightens me.

Dorky Dad said...

I heard that women in the 50s had the hots for Mr. Clean. Frankly I think he looks like a cueball, but I'm not the target market.

Pie! said...

He looks like Sinbad.

Sinbad could probably play him in the movie version of the tell-all book.

Pie! said...

And by Sinbad, I mean the actor that played Sinbad...

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

...in Sinbad: Bad Soul for Sail

eric1313 said...

...becoming Mr. Clean's concubine

The comedic possibilities are endless.

Hello, Princess, I hope you are home safe and sound. Relax, get some rest, and if you felt like it, I do have a very relaxing poem you might like.

And thanks for listening to me talk about that. I know you said you didn't want any details. I was hoping that was you being polite about prying. I've had nobody to talk to about it, so it was nice to talk to you.

I know, calling somebody crazy is harsh.

But we were talking a lot and started to talk every night for weeks and it was kind of nice. Then, my aunt got sick, as you know. When I left for Detroit, I called her that first night, and she didn't answer. OK. I called her the next night, same deal, I left a short message each night. Next night? Same. I waited three nights to call next, same. So when I got back from Detroit, I called her and she finally answered, and told me that I, not her, needed space...

Um, OK...

I asked why she wouldn't at least talk to me about that, on the phone, an email, something. She took that as I was angry at her and said it's obvious I need more space. I was pissed but said OK.

Then two nights later, she wrote me, and the truth tumbled out. She was talking to another blogger, and he told her I was dating, guess who... Michelle.

I don't know if you remember back to July 8th, there was an "altercation" on my blog in a post called "The Zero Hour". It was involving some insanity from a blogger known as (in initials so google doesn't lead a search for his name to here) "TWM"?


This old guy (59) was in my creative writing class and was always jealous of all kinds of things, you name it, you know people. He's harbored it for years now, and found out he could poison something of mine.

I explained to her the facts. Then I asked her why she would trust gossip over me. Then, act on it without talking to me. And all at the lowest point of the year, possibly my life, without one single word.

I told her that if all that's the case, I let her go. After all I haven't seen her in person in years, it's not like we had a real relationship anyway.

That's when the real nastiness came out. All kinds of remarks on other blogs. So many letters emailed it's unreal. I did have to delete a nasty comment, too, and write her a letter saying that I don;t want to put my blog into moderation, but I will if that continues.

Guess how she responded... She deleted her blogs, and wrote me saying "this is what you want, isn;t it..."


Finally now, it's stopped. But what a mess. Her blog is back, but she deleted her posts. She claimed to be a writer--how can you destroy your creations over this? To prove what point? Crazy is the only thing I can think. Passive aggressive withholding.

That's what I meant on Crushed's site, I could keep it down, but she wanted to bring it up and make it everyone's business. That (above) is what I was thinking about.

Of course, I totally forgot about the example you and Duke have set for this kind of thing.

You have intelligence, class, scruples and sanity. You guys are awesome, and really have a good dynamic, that's easy to see from your descriptions and in practice. And you even find time to talk to a friend like me behind the scenes. You rock.

Write me anytime, my sweet-hearted long distance friend. Your words are always appreciated and are never seen as anything negative and never will be, either. I was worried I upset you, but I imagine not. That's just me being my stress-case self.

Thanks for listening to my story. If you want to delete all this mess, you totally can.

Peace and love and the sweetest dreams to you. And good luck on a new semester of psych.