Friday, May 11, 2007

A little Vitamin D

This city comes to life in the sunshine, and apparently, to a certain extent, so do I.

It's almost taken over by such life and growth...

...even in seemingly the less typical of locations.

(which are probably those that need it most)


The Duke said...

My murder quotient has gone down by 25%!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

That's good. If you are able to grow another flower, will the Duke's kill tally drop by another 25%, or is there a sliding scale?

Beth said...

Love that picture.
The message - "against the odds..."

LMizzle said...

Yeah, Ultra is right, maybe we can eliminate Duke's overall temptation to kill all together by finding another three flowers.

Although his taste for babies will never die.

How's your murder quotient?

Indiana James said...

It's great how a little sunshine will make things seem just a little better and bearable. And yes, a lower summer time murder rate would also be greatly appreciated from my professional end.

Princess Pointful said...

Duke- While that may be significant for those surviving quarter, I assure you it still makes for stagerring numbers.

Ultra- It would take a great deal more psychological work to achieve that.

Beth- Glad someone appreciates the photo itself, rather than its implications!

Lmizzle- Unless we can convince him to start going bare foot ;)

Indiana- Agreed. I'm in awe of how much better it makes my day-- though stifling heat is unfortunately related to greater aggression!