Sunday, May 13, 2007

Oh yes he did.

And another preamble...
The Duke had been in contact with my sister in regards to some sort of surprise for me. They were supposed to meet for lunch on her most recent visit, but her stop-over ended up being brief and in the midst of my moving chaos.


The Duke: So, your sister texted me today to ask if I still needed help getting your ring.

Me: *Blink, blink*

The Duke: Fuck.

That's right, folks... with no pressure from me whatsoever, the master of gift-related deceit spontaneously spoiled his own surprise.

I still adore him. Even though I don't get a ring anymore.

Post-amble: And, no, not one of those rings.


Ant said...

Could be an ultra cunning plan to make you think he was getting you a ring, without actually having to get you a ring, and which you have bought into hook, line and sinker...

The more I hear about this dude, the more I like him... :o)

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Maybe he meant an onion ring?

Beth said...

So, why don't you get a ring anymore? Just because it's no longer a surprise?

(The Duke expresses himself very succinctly - no wonder you adore him.)

Indiana James said...

There should have been a warning at the beginning, cause I thought it WAS that ring. : P I like ant's theory... It's almost evil.

LMizzle said...

Hahha, nice way to drop the ball, Duke.

Dorky Dad said...

So ... you're saying it's not an engagement ring then?

A real surprise would be to get you the ring anyway ... because now you're not expecting it.

Princess Pointful said...

Ant- It would be very crafty, wouldn't it? The problem is, I know from my sister that they were in touch about planning some sort of surprise. Unless, of course, he lied and told her he was getting me one, too-- and held onto the ruse with her for some time.

Ultra- I don't adore him so much if he doesn't remember how much I despise onions.

Beth- I like your logic :). Apparently I get something else at some unexpected point....

Indiana- We actually joked around about how much more horrific it would have been if it was "that" kind of ring!

Lmizzle- Indeed!!

Dorky Dad- Nope, not an engagement ring for a while longer!
Unfortunately, he has pulled the very convaluted "oops, you know what I'm going to get you so I'm not going to get it for you but I actually am going to get it for you because you think I'm not" trick before-- so I both really expect and really don't expect one now!!