Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Quote of the day

"Even if Albert Einstein sodomized you, it wouldn't make E = mc2 any less true."
~ The Duke speaking of how lame it is for people to use Al Gore's personal deficiencies as a way to argue against global warming.


LMizzle said...

Very true, although the price in $ that cities pay to actually have him come speak is a little insane.

eric1313 said...

But he did claim to be personally responsible for inventing the internet, so maybe environmental issues could use a new spokesperson.
That's how I would have answered back in May, but now that he won a Nobel Prize, I think he's the best one for the job. Now, if he would just drop the deferential treatment of the Clintons and run for president again.

Hope you are well, Princess.

Noticed you dropped by. Take your time, I'll still be churning out the poetry like a madman.

Oops, there goes another one...

Peace out!

eric1313 said...

I had a person visit after Googling "Lower Lips of Love".


eric1313 said...

I'm fond of this, too!

And yes, I'll be on the look out for that dastardly landshark known as the LLoL!

(They'll getcha!)

I'd love to read your virgin meme, but I'm answering back my comments on my older posts. I've been feeling out of it lately, but tonight is pretty good.

Yeah, did you notice all the deleted comments? There were way more than that, comments I deleted permanently (there would be well over sixty if I hadn't), but I decided to leave little grave markers showing where the carnage was. He even wrote a five paragraph comment attacking Ultra Toast for saying one sentence on my behalf(I was at school and then a shift at work).

It didn't stop until I took the fight to his blog. Benjibopper and Ultra Toast both read all those comments, though they didn't comment (benji wrote me on the side and said I was right, and asking if it was OK that he was morbidly fascinated by the whole ordeal. I said that's OK).

I had a real damning one, where I said "you act like a man who is posturing in hope another sees it. Why don't you tell us who this show is for?"

Then another comment, where I reminded him that he types peace at the end of all his comments and does not even know what the word means or how to act on it.

Then another comment...

I could go into detail about it all, but this is enough. Let's just say he deleted his whole blog.

Yep. Why do these crazy people delete their blogs after tangling with me? I have no idea... I even asked him why in a comment on my blog. He deleted it and came after me still.

Anyway, I'll sign off now. I have a giant pot of chili almost done cooking that I can;t wait to dig into. Until then, unpack, unwind and let a little romance in your door! You deserve it.

Take care.

Eric, Blogslayer.

(and don't worry about losing the girl. If she is that easily manipulated and reliant on gossip that all that would happen the way it did, I know that I did the right thing by walking away.)