Friday, June 1, 2007

Furthermore, when I am Princess of the World...

... rather than spending their time creating genetically modified foods or chemical weapons, scientists will be hard at work creating an advance mold detector.

This detector will alert the user at least a day prior to any food developing mold or any general fuzzyness or smellyness.

Think of the possibilities!
No longer will you be cruelly surprise by finding a tupperware contained full of leftover cassarole in a state of advanced decay in the back of your fridge.
With a day's notice of vegetable mold, you could improvise and concoct a huge stirfry to use up that soon to be nasty zucchini.

And you won't be unpleasantly shocked when your bag of spinach decides to ignore its stamped due date and emits brown liquid all over the bottom of your crisper.
Which is a completely hypothetical situation, of course.


The Little Student said...

I can't wait until you're princess of the world!

Ant said...

An amusing happenstance in my recent trip to the countryside involved all of us admitting that when we had dug our bags out from last year's trip, we all had found some foodstuff gestating away into a new life-form there...

Your invention would help with this problem immensely.

Beth said...

50% of the leftovers put in our fridge remain just that - left over for good. You'd think I'd have figured out which ones by now - but, no.
I like your (possible) invention.

LMizzle said...

I watched a show the other day that tested the bacteria on out of bag lettuce as opposed to bagged salads, and the most bacteria is on the bagged salads. BLAH!

Princess Pointful said...

Little Student- Neither can I ;). Glad to see my platform has supporters!

Ant- Urgh. I'll get my scientists on that, stat, so you can have a much safer trip next year.

Beth- Exactly. Right now I have some leftover yaki-udon that I know I will forget for about three weeks. But it just feels so dirty and wasteful to throw it away at the time!

Lmizzle- Boo. I love my bagged salad. Now I have to decide if my lazyness with overcome my dislike of bacteria.

Abbey said...

I'm a few days behind on reading - but this would be the most awesomerist of ideas!