Sunday, June 10, 2007

Quest for the Galapagos Bad Ass Continues...

Okay, guys.
I'm a little disappointed.
Perhaps I am one of the only geeks (high fives to those who did participate- and don't fret, as your votes will still be considered!) to get excited about this contest. At first I thought it was probably just poor turnout over the weekend-- but then site meter told me that people are still visiting the blog-- but apparently not voting!

You have a voice, readers!
Think about the poor brother killing booby baby who hasn't even received one vote.

In an attempt to remedy this situation (because I don't have much faith in my guilt-tripping abilities), I have created a simple and easy poll. You don't even need to comment (although I always appreciate that)-- just click a button!
It is lurker-friendly... you don't need to identify yourself!

It'll only count one vote from one person at a particular location, but for those of you are especially invested, or can't decided between, say, the two iguanas, you can be crafty and vote from work and home!


Winner to be crowned in a week.


Ant said...

Excellent - I am now going to try and fuck with your voting system by calling up my super-powers of computing!

That vampire finch will be crowned... :o)

Beth said...

I'm one of the (good) ones who already voted.
But now I feel sorry for the booby baby with no votes.
I guess if I voted again, you'd catch me with your site meter savvy...

Ant said...

Hmm, smarter than the average bear that thing - it saw right through one of my tricks and had to think about the others for a long, long time (before not registering them)...

Plus I realise that this is not a very nice thing for me to be doing so I shall desist now: you can count 4 votes for the vampire finch as being from me. :o)

SMARTBuddy said...

Giant Tortoise- he'll out live all other wannabe badasses.
If only everything was lurker-friendly..!

LMizzle said...

I love a good poll!

Wait....that no, I really do love a good poll, it's true.