Thursday, July 12, 2007

Texas bound!

...that's right!

Tomorrow morning I'm hopping on a shuttle down to Seattle, then on a jet plane to the lone-star state.

Let the humour of a Canadian in Texas begin! A whole half-month of it!

(Although, in all honesty, Austin is supposed to be a little different from the rest of the state.)

Witty observations and awkward anecdotes to follow...


Apologies for the delay in posting. No, the stalker didn't get me. In fact, the calls have ceased-- perhaps coincendental with my musings over their identity, which may or may not be fodder for another post (I'm still not sure if I feel right making any accusations, anonymous or not, solely on the basis of circumstantial evidence-- as compelling as it may be). I am blown away by all the advice and kind words I've gotten- I will respond in more detail when I get the chance.

In fact, I have been busy due to the return of the delightful man called the Duke. These past days are the only two days in the period of a month we have the luxury of being in one's another's company, so we've been trying to make the most of it.

It is peculiar how absence really does make the heart grow fonder, doesn't it?

But he is currently alone in my big ol' bed, with the alarm only six hours away... so I'm afraid I'm going to put you all on hold for another day or two.



Crashdummie said...

Duke? Omg, now you got my full attention ;)

Have fun in Texas & do everything I wouldn't!


Ant said...


Maybe you can lure the stalker down to Texas too, and then blow his brains out with a rifle? (I hear it's legal down there...)

Have fun!

Beth said...

Have a great time in Texas!

(And what the hell were you doing blogging with your man waiting for you?? You are such a devoted blogger...)

benjibopper said...

ah, new love.

glad to hear things are blowing over the stalker front.

enjoy texas. it's big.

eric313 said...

You will love Texas!

News flash: my friend has also had a breakthough on her crisis, last night!

good stuff. I'm carrying less, now.

You will love Texas, but the heat may make you blanch a bit. I'm sure you heard of oppresive heat. You will meet the oppressor full on, so be warned that skimpy clothes are a neccessity in the lone star state. I'm from Tennesse, originaly, so I'm used to it, but Texas id trully hot.

Hit a blues bar if you can! Austin City Limits may even be filming. I'll watch PBS and pretend to recognize you!

Glad to hear you have a Duke with you. Be a happy Princess.

Post from the university or library once for us! And read All my Friends are Going to be Strangers by Larry McMurtry. He's one of the best that Texas has to offer.

cdp said...

so glad to hear the stalker has backed the f*&k off!

have a great trip!

LMizzle said...

Enjoy! I will be in Van (woo!) when you get back!

Jeff said...

Glad to hear The Psycho is gone.

My son wants you to know that Sandy Cheeks is from Texas.

Have a safe trip!

Airam said...

Have fun!

With Duke and in Texas!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Man, The Duke should be right at home in Texas.

Try and curb his swagger.

He might land you both in the Courthouse.