Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One more day

My red mittens are too big for me. I feel childlike with them hanging loose around my wrists.

Winter has come to Canada with a bang. In an instant, my skin has been sapped off all moisture. Chilled air is seeping through my single panes windows, needing me to wipe the hazy film from them to be able to see the world outside. I swim in the fog of others breaths waiting for the bus.

A transit worker in a Santa hat sees me frantically hugging myself at the train station. He laughs and tells me to try being outside for ten hours, then hands me a candy cane, ostensibly to get my blood sugar flowing. The crook of the cane fits perfectly around the edge of my tongue.

Last day, I tell myself.
One more day. One more day.

One more day of tacky soft rock seeping into my dreams and unceremoniously shaking me out of them.
One more day of coffee for breakfast.
One more day of one bus to the next.
One more day of chores and shopping squeezed into fifteen minute breaks in my schedule.
One more day of shoulders weighed down a bag filled with the day's necessary odds and ends.
One more day of a steady flow of emails.

Tomorrow I'm in a car, driving through the mountains.

The day after that, I wake up on my birthday to a home warmed by a fireplace. I will be wrapping my neck in a scarf not in preparation for the trek to work, but to walk the dog, cut down a Christmas tree, even to trod to the local bar.

And, so, here I am in my office, drinking lukewarm coffee and huddling next to my little heater, which is only allowed to be on low for fear of blowing a circuit, playing countdown.
Five hours and thirty eight minutes until work is done for the holidays.
Thirteen hours and thirty eight minutes until today is through.



Paula said...

I am very jealous . . . not of your sudden cold winter, we have had that too unfortunately. But I'm jealous of the fact that you are nearly finished for the holidays. Whereas I have another week. I don't finish up until Christmas eve afternoon. Boo. :(

Matt said...

Work done for the holidays?


I want your life.

Princess Pointful said...

Now now, before you start telling me how easy my life is, keep in mind I'm a PhD student (been in school for nine years full time, people!) who works as well. Believe me, 40 hours a week would be a luxury. So don't rag on me too hard for having some time off-- this is the only time ever I can even afford to take weekends off! ;)

Little Miss Obsessive said...

Ohhh.. I'm so jealous! Hope the one day goes by in a flash and you enjoy your time off! =)

lily said...

I like the optimism and that you're looking forward. I've got 7 more days til the man friend comes home, 8 more days til two mini-breaks (after the 23rd, I only work two days between then and Jan 5th), 9 more days until Christmas, and today? Three more hours until I can go home and curl up out of the Minnesota cold with a good book and some hot choc/peppermint schnapps.

S. said...

What?! heater on LOW. Oh dear. Mine is to the max and I'm still bundled up in my cubey!

Have fun on your trip! Happy Birthday!

rs27 said...

Winter? I'm not familiar with this term

Katelin said...

aw hope you have a most fabulous trip home and a wonderful birthday. woo.

Crushed said...

Well, I've got two weeks off after Friday.
I can't wait...

Enjoy the time off- and enjoy your birthday!

I guess you probably get snow pretty bad there, here we don't really get it all. It's bloody cold- but it's the fog. Can't see much beyond ten feet this year.

Surfergrrl said...

I need to go to your hometown someday. Sounds like my ex's parents house, except without the nasty ex's parents. :) I miss the smell of a real wood burning fire.

Lauren said...

Almost there.

Happy early birthday and good luck surviving the cold!

Wave goodbye to Santa before you leave. :)

K. said...

I feel your pain.

Have an EXCELLENT vacation!

Yoda said...

One more day, and I'll be hurtling through the hinterland in India on a train ride to BirthTown to meet the 10,000 family members, and off to a wildlife reserve which is home to the largest population of man-eating tigers :-)

Joanna said...

What a beautiful post.

Deutlich said...


Nilsa said...

Today, you leave for your birthday. Have a wonderful celebration full of warmth and love!

surviving myself said...

So you made it. Right?

S'Mat said...

making this the last sneaky at-work post of 2008!
btw, happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Princess! Enjoy your break- you're more than deserving. :)

Claire said...

I have one more day (after this one).


Although it is summer here in New Zealand, so perhaps I can handle :P

Happy Bday!

Meghan said...

Less than one day now :)

Eve said...

Still blogging! Whoa!

Just stopping by to say hi and happy holidays!

libby said...

10 bucks says is SO much colder here. =(

Mrs4444 said...

Luckyyyyy! I have two more!