Thursday, May 7, 2009

Windy days and tea shops

I think the tea shop worker has a bit of a crush on me.

It is not just that he complemented my t-shirt when I walked past the counter. It is more than he gives me a big nervous smile when he comes by to refill my water, stammering out questions about whether the fan was interfering with my reading, and I accidentally catch his eye as I glance around the room on more than one occasion.

To be truthful, I find the whole thing a little endearing, and a little reassuring. He thinks I'm cute enough to be nervous about in the same outfit I was wearing when, earlier, happy to be freed of another day wearing my professional pants, I declared "Being a slob is highly underrated!" Even better, he thinks I'm cute enough to be awkwardly nervous about, rather than to cockily and drunkenly stammer towards-- which, no matter how much time elapses between bar trips, seemingly remains the predominant mating dance of the 20-something.

(Although, to be fair, someone did recently shout "Babe-raham Lincoln" at me whilst pedaling by on their bike, sans helmet I wasn't sure whether to be flattered, offended, or just shamelessly impressed by his Wayne's World quoting ability.)

As I was getting a little stir crazy from my first whole work-from-home-day in months, the Duke essentially commanded me to leave the house that evening, and finally enter the 200+ varieties of tea shop a ten minute walk away from us.

He is a smart boy sometimes (see: picking me). Pina colada tea (note: best idea ever) and an honest-to-God-fiction-book-that-is-in-no-way-related-to-my-dissertation make for a great way to clear one's head. What this mini-excursion really reminded me of, though, is how much I miss walking.

In my old neighbourhood, I took to wandering as a simple way to clear my head. Sometimes I took my camera, sometimes my iPod, and sometimes it was just me and my feet. My new neighbourhood, on the surface, appears too functional for such endeavours I walk to the overpriced grocery store, the coffee shop, the bus stop, my friend's apartment. I never just walk.

As I stroll down the street home, I think about all the silly details I miss by only walking to reach a destination, by keeping my sunglasses and headphone on at all times to shelter me from the world. Like how invigorating it feels to have the wind blow your hair perfectly away from your face. Or the parked bus emblazoned with the name Buttercup. Or the piles of cherry blossoms. Or the man singing to himself.

It's good to get out of your apartment and out of your head sometimes.


Paula said...

It's so true that sometimes you just need to get out. Sometimes I go stir-crazy trapped in my flat and need to escape before I go completely insane.

And awwwwww re: the tea shop boy with the crush! :)

Mandy said...

I "escape" like that all the time. Its is good for ones soul.

And what is this Pina Colada tea you speak of?

KC said...

You definitely made me want to walk to the local Starbucks close to my house and enjoy a good book. I think I'll do that this weekend! Thanks! said...

I have the opposite problem.
I almost never turn Itunes on. I never take my ipod. I live in my head a little too much.

Today is the first day I listened to anything besides the sound of my breathe all week.
It's refreshing.

All Mod Cons said...

Don't you take your feet everytime?

Kristine said...

I agree 100%. Being at home with kids and finishing a degree, I am often "encouraged" by my husband to get some air. It always helps way more that I'd think it would.

Also: Babe-raham Lincoln? So sweet.

Andhari said...

I love to just wander around either to coffee shops or dvd stores. Way to have some quality me time, no?

It's so cute he gets all nervous when you're around!:)

Princess of the Universe said...

I've seen photos of you- you're definitely Babe-raham Lincoln material :)

TMC said...

Such a beautiful sentiment!

Meghan said...

It's amazing what you stop for a moment to look around your own neighbourhood. And I agree with Paula that's really cute about the tea shop boy.

Anonymous said...

It sounds wonderful. I need some of that, myself. :)

Ronnica said...

It IS good to escape, especially when working on one task all day! Oh, and that is endearing that he was acting that way around you!

Maris said...

This is very cute and I totally agree with you about escaping. Sometimes when I sit out on my balconyt I like to pretend I'm on vacation in a different town and ignore my phone, email etc.

And sometimes, like today, I drag the laptop out here with me. So much for

EP said...

I think it's adorable that the worker in the tea shop potentially has a crush on you. It's endearing, really.

It's a wonderful thing to take a break sometimes. There is nothing better than reading a book, drinking a cup of coffee (or tea) and simply relaxing. I hope you're savoring every second of it.

Anonymous said...

OMG pina colada tea??? can you fedex me some?! that's amazing. i wish i could find some of that here. pina colada is my standby drink everytime i go out.

<3 ya babe-raham!!! lol