Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Her foot

Things change in instant, we know, we know. It's a platitude by now. Live every day like it was your last, because you never know what the next moment will bring. Seize the moment. Etcetera, etcetera.

Sure, every once in a while, in a particularly somber mood, after a particularly depressing song, perhaps a little too much wine, or maybe after reading one too many headlines, we set ourselves to really considering this notion.

Or maybe after one of those rushing moments. When the dish on the stove catches on fire, and you don't notice right away. When the brakes grab just in time. When you catch yourself just before falling. In those hazy moments just after the overwhelming sensations start fading, you can't help but thing how everything could have changed right there. But it didn't.

Yet sometimes it does.

Valentine's Day this year was perhaps not very romantic, but was what one would call a very good day, nonetheless. It was one of those days where you walk out of the house planning to return by lunch time, but instead end up following a series of random strings, and return home at midnight to that pile of laundry you really meant to do.

And, as such, our day went like: Pre-planned serious event! Lunch with Julie! Bilodeau wins gold medal! Drinks! Patriotism! More drinks! More sports! Anisa calls! Gallavanting through the countless celebrators in the streets! Drinks and dinner with Anisa and crew! More sports! Sophie calls! Go see Sophie's brother's band! More drinks! Oh shit, it's midnight and we have to work tomorrow! Go home.

Except the next day, we get an email. Anisa, who at the last minute decided not to come see Sophie's brother's band, has been hit by a car.

Not a car, actually, but rather a Hummer. A Hummer driven by a guy who'd had too much to drink and decided to fly through a crosswalk at high speeds without checking to see who might be walking across said crosswalk.

Seemingly, she was lucky. Sure she'd spent 13 hours in the ER in crippling pain, undergone massive reconstructive surgery on a heel that was nearly shattered to bits, a week in the hospital, still can't work, needs a walker to negotiate her apartment and a wheelchair to go more than a block. That's not too bad when one goes flying through the air after being hit head on by a Hummer, right?

This Sunday night, we went out to watch the hockey game. Anisa, as always, was rolling with the punches, joking about how her walker would help her pick up men. We began talking about her next doctor's appointment, as the last had given her very little idea about likely prognosis. She spoke of trying to go in with as little expectations as possible, as there was still a chance that despite following all the right steps, the bones in her foot may die. Someone asked about worst case scenario. She said the doctors refuse to tell her, stating that they will "deal with that if the time comes".

I assume worst case means that she will never walk without crutches again.

Later, when she goes out for a cigarette, the Duke murmurs to me "You know what worst case scenario is, right?"

I shake my head.

He had spoken to a friend of his with a PhD in nursing. "If the bone death is really bad, they may have to amputate her foot. I don't think she has any idea it's even a possibility."

So there's what a moment can do. It can seize a 26 year old woman away from an entirely average day, toss her into the air, and leave her in danger of losing her foot.


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

What a remarkable story ... of survival. You know, I think the body has a very uncanny way of coping and surviving. We know what we need to know at any given moment and we ignore the rest.

If your friend really wanted or needed to know the worst case scenario, she would push her doctor or do research online or even seek out another doctor willing to be frank with her. But, the reality is, maybe there isn't anything she can do to save the bone. And so, her number one job is rest and healing and that's where her focus is supposed to be.

verybadcat said...

just wow. ~goosebumps~

we never know what will happen. we just never know.

Tigerlily said...

My Brother's girlfriend is going through a remarkably similar problem. Hit by a car, broken right hip, shattered left ankle. Unable to work as she can't stand and will likely have to repeat her residency. She knows she's lucky to be alive, but her foot may never work properly again. All because of a careless young driver who didn't look for pedestrians while making a left turn.

Anonymous said...

my god. it really is crazy to think about what could happen in a split second to the seemingly normal lives most of us live on a daily basis. makes you honestly appreciate what you have now.

i won't put you through (much of) my dealings with drunk driving. my venting may send you away, but honestly? honestly?! driving is such a HUGE thing that people don't take seriously. it can KILL people, and we sit here on our cell phones, drinking coffee, putting on makeup, even reading, taking little to no thought about how our actions can affect not only our own lives, but the lives of others. ugh. /rant.

i am so sorry to hear about your friend, and i hope that her recuperation and rest go hand in hand.

Nichole said...

Oh my god I'm so sorry for your friend. That's horrible. I hope that the driver of that hummer feels some kind of remorse for what he did. And i hope your friend's foot is okay.

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