Sunday, March 4, 2007

Further proof that I need a life

On the Simpsons this evening (which is getting decidingly less and less funny each time I watch), Bart goes to see a psychiatrist.

Mistake- On his psychiatrist's door, she is referred to as PhD, not M.D... meaning she is not a psychiatrist at all, but one of us (aka. a psychologist). This would also explain her use of projective techniques rather than ritalin!

Correct- Bart is only able to see his psychologist for the 5 sessions paid for by the school. Ahhhhh.... the joys of managed care.
His issues are remained horribly unresolved at this point, although, granted, his therapist did a pretty poor job of preparing him for termination and the associated abandonment issues he experienced.

I am such a geek.


LMizzle said...

Did you see the episode of Family Guy on last night?! HILARIOUS!

Eve said...

That's true about The Simpsons, less and less funny. Maybe it's due to aging?

Dorky Dad said...

Oh, there was a time that I made at least a half-dozen Simpsons references a day. There was a Simpsons reference for every event in life. Now I can't even remember when I last watched the show. It's time for it to go.

Princess Pointful said...

Lmizzle- Sadly I did not. I had slacked off so much over the weekend that I had permitted myself only a half an hour break Sunday evening. A grad student unfortunately has to be one's own dungeon master!

Eve- Hi!!! Lovely for you to stop in! It could be, I guess. After 20 or so years, there may just be no jokes left.

Dorky Dad- Yeah, my conversational Simpsons quotes have seriously dropped off. I'm really scared that the movie may be beating a dead horse.

eric1313 said...

I love the Simpsons, as they are one of our most valuable sources of satire.

But I do agree that it's a tired formula.

By year twenty, I bet you they're gone. A nice round number to end an incredible run, a full generation long.

You are such a geek! But that's what makes you so awesome.