Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mildly Freaky Sunday

This Sunday has proven to be a bit of an odd day.

It started out lovely and fairly typically, with sleeping in late and early afternoon Blizzards.

The Duke and I went to a series of short films at the documentary film festival. Some of the shorts were quite fascinating. In particular, a film called Talk to Me, was made by a man who recorded every answering machine message left for him over a 20-year period. Through a selection of these messages, he was able to tell a really unique but insightful story of his life. There was also a film that consisted of simple filming of people's public cell phone conversations in London. I though the voyeur in me would be a lot more engaged in the film... but as The Duke said, it really wasn't much more intriguing than what one hears on the bus daily. Though it does lead one to think a lot about the thinning boundaries between private and public space... but that is a post for another time.
Weirdest, however, was a Swedish claymation documentary short about female grafitti artists.

We then went to a BBQ for a good friend's birthday. My friend's new roommate is apparantely actually Mr. Self Disclosure's cousin. However, it was entertaining hearing about their crazy landlords who are actually named Igor and Elvira. I told them that I didn't care what they said... Igor did walk with a limp and spoke in the third person.
"Igor come to fix your sink."

The transit ride home from the BBQ was the most entertaining portion of the night, however. The drunkest/highest man on the planet got on our train, and promptly started letting out piercing chimpanzee like cries. He then pulled out a porno magazine and started waving it in an old man's face. When we got off the train, he somehow ended up across the street from us. At first, he stuck to the primate calls and following around pedestrians in an overexaggerated rooster walk. The chimp cries gradually evolved into Michael Jackson howls... which then, naturally, led him to moonwalking in the middle of an incredibely busy street. All whilst clutching onto his porno mag.

Somehow thwarting natural selection, he made across the street. As the Duke and I walked to catch a bus, he started keeping pace with us, opened up the magazine, and started shoving it in the Duke's face. The Duke managed to avert his eyes for long enough, and the man cackled "That's a smart man!" before running off.

He somehow ended up on my bus. For a while, he had positioned himself extremely high up, sort of dangling off this big guardrail type thing near the front of the bus in a monkey-like fashion. Then bus had to stop briefly for repairs, so he began some sort of comedy routine in which he rolled out some great one-liners like "Put on your seatbelts!" Once the bus started moving again, he began dancing and mock surfing in the aisle. But the peak moment was when he began doing full out gymnastics on a moving bus. The man was literally hanging upside down and walking on the ceiling using the handles on the bus!

Partway through this spectacle, a woman turned to the other passangers and said "Do you ever get the feeling like you're on candid camera?"


Crashdummie said...

Weirdest, however, was a Swedish claymation documentary short about female graffiti artists.

Wohow, go my freaky Swedish countrymen goooo! Hehehe

You guyz seemed to have an interesting evening at the film festival – sweet :)

LMizzle said...

Hahaha, that is absolutely glorious.

Ant said...

D'you know - I've always wanted to do that. For some reason I always thought it'd be the coolest thing to do gymnastics on the London underground...

I think I like that dude.

iFreud said...

I totally pictured this Igor in my mind's eye... lol

Airam said...

Wow! I'm surprised the bus driver let him do all that stuff.