Monday, May 28, 2007

The vertigo equation

That would be me.
Still suffering from random bouts of vertigo.

Taking Gravol, as the lovely doctor claimed it would help with said vertigo, which I thought was important considering I was heading to a meeting with my case supervisor quite soon.

Being high as a kite.

Seriously, body, it's goddamn Gravol, not Speed!! Do you need to be reacting like this? Is the spinning head and inability to concentrated really necessary? I know I'm a cheap drunk and all that, but children take this stuff, for Christ sake! And did you not remember that not only do I have a meeting in less than an hour, but up until I swallowed that godforsaken pill I was rather productively plugging away at a manuscript. Now I'm teetering towards dyslexia (and had to retype that word like 5 times... what a cruel joke that is!).

I can't believe people do this for fun.


Beth said...

God, I hope you never need to take any heavy-duty medication if Gravol can do that to you.
Hope the meeting went well despite you being "high as a kite."

Airam said...

HA!! And I'm not laughing at you I swear! Your visuals are too cute!

Okami said...

Your drug math is epic!

Well done.

Hope the meeting went well and you come back down soon.

Ant said...

Dyslexic's of the world untie!

Indiana James said...

Taking care of you would be too much fun. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.