Monday, August 3, 2009

Partying like it's 1999

As mentioned, oh, about two posts below, this weekend involved the latest attempt to convince me I am an adult: my 10 year high school reunion.

Truth be told, it was really quite a low-key affair, nowhere near deserving the significance it has accrued in pop culture and people's nightmares. Only about a third of my small town grad class made it out to any of the events, due to a silly bout of high school drama about the lack of planning of a formal event, along with those "real life" responsibilities that keep us from venturing back home at a moment's notice. Sunday afternoon was the "formal" reunion, really just a picnic in the park with little ones running about in all their resplendent cuteness. Saturday night, however, I declared "pretend you are 18 again night", and hosted a party at my parents' house, much like I was known to do when I was actually 18.

Of course, one can't have a grad reunion party without at least a few random observations, highlights, and not-so-highlights, can they?

  • Us late 20-ers can't drink nearly as prolifically as we used to. My mom actually made fun of the number of full cans of beer and half drunk bottle of vodka remaining. I personally had to call it quits post-Jager shots, despite the calls to bust out the tequila.
  • The guy who used to be skinny and wear thick glasses who has now had laser eye surgery and has buffened up will find an excuse to take off his shirt after a few drinks, no matter how ridiculous.
  • The guy who dumped me in Grade 11 and the next month made out with my friend while we were all sleeping on the same mattress felt the need to announce very loudly, on numerous occasions, that we had slept together. So much for my discretion over a decade ago. He also told me approximately six times that he was sooooo proud of me while tightly hugging me.
  • When mentioning that my boyfriend could not make it out due to having to finish off his Masters thesis, several people declared him to be but a fiction, and referred to his name in air quotes for the rest of the night.
  • In a perhaps less than sober attempt to prove his existence, I then called the Duke at 1am and passed around the phone to random people to talk to him.
  • I will admit to being more flattered than I should after overheard a guy, in his rankings of the hotness of the girls of the party, declare me the winner. Even though I disagree with the idea of ranking hotness in principle. It just takes a little flattery to make a hypocrite out of me.
  • It is a little funny to hear that the meanest of all the mean girls, who was known to threaten to beat up smaller girls at random, yours truly included (and very out of the blue, I may add), had declared that she would never come to our high school reunion, stating "Why would I want to see those assholes again?" Wait, we're the assholes?
  • Someone actually pulled out my parents' copy of my Masters thesis at 4am, and started drunkenly reading it aloud, while inserting random words like "butterflies" and "sex" into it.
  • Only one person asked me when I was getting married.
  • Sublime makes me happy. However, a lot of the other music on the kitschy 90s hits station I put on to reminisce was a little weaker-- hello, C&C Music Factory.
  • It is funny to realize you missed someone more than expected. It is also funny how seamlessly some interactions can flow, despite all the time and space in between.


sequined said...

I think I'd be ridiculously flattered to "win" the "hotness rankings." I know that's wrong, but I would.

Also, reunions sound kind of weird.

Michelle said...

A high school reunion. Sounds absolutely painful...

Funny to read about though! You made it through intact :)

miss. chief said...

"buffened up" hahaha

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Oh wow, you survived your 10th. I had a blast at mine. And my fondest memory was all the fit, football players (who were jerks in high school) had grown into fatties 10 years down the line while the women all looked slim and hot.

Andhari said...

"When mentioning that my boyfriend could not make it out due to having to finish off his Masters thesis, several people declared him to be but a fiction, and referred to his name in air quotes for the rest of the night."

Some of my friends in reunions were like that too, pretty annoying to me.

But I like how the skinny guy is all ready to be topless now. LMAO.

P said...

Fabulous stuff! It almost makes me wish we HAD had a ten year reunion.

But deep down I think I'm still glad we didn't.

Katelin said...

i'm sort of looking forward to my hs reunion in a couple years. even if everyone didn't get along it'll be so fun to see how everyone looks/what they're doing. especially if i don't already know from facebook, haha.

Anonymous said...

haha. you are hot. sounds like it was an interesting night! i love that you called the duke and passed him around to prove he was real...hahaha. classic.

Jess said...

Hm. Yours doesn't sound like it was so bad, but I'm still not sure I'll be going to mine. But I have three years to decide.

LiLu said...

"Only one person asked me when I was getting married."

That's because they're all sick of getting it, too! :-)

Maris said...

I skipped my five year reunion, which was at a bar, so I suppose that will make my ten year reunion all the more exciting - haha!

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

We didn't have a 10 year, though I did go to my friend's 10 year reunion..and I think that was enough.

And "air quotes" when saying your b/f's name...HAHAHA!!

Mich said...

Bravo on such a fabulous post!

It has made me think about my own high school reunion... and made me realise that I wouldn't change my plans for anything...

if they dare try to send me an invite, I'm sending it back with cat s***. Without the correct postage, so they have to pay for it.

Just as a little extra 'f*** you' :)

Michael said...

It's my 20th this year. I don't know if anything's being planned, and frankly, I don't care.

I don't mean to be "that guy", but I have no trouble feeling inadequate in my normal life. There's no need to go out seeking extra inadequacy.

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